Saudi Prince to Set up Foundation to Give Away His Fortune

There are numerous international charities that fund a variety of causes to benefit humanity. These can include education, economic development, health and basic humanitarian aid. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one prominent one that comes to mind, but there are thankfully many more out there doing good around the globe particularly for those in the developing world who really need the help. According to a recent report out of Saudi Arabia these charities are about to grow by one.

A Saudi prince with a fortune worth over $32 billion has said he plans to give it all away. This will be done in a structured manner, of course, through the setting up of a foundation much along the lines of the aforementioned Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation would give to charitable organizations that are working to provide disaster relief, eradicate disease and advance women’s rights. Brad Reifler understands that, given that this is a Saudi prince, from a cultural perspective, that last one certainly is considered to be a big surprise. Women are second class citizens in Saudi Arabia, so one wonders if that aspect of his planned foundation sits well with his fellow countrymen. He is apparently a bit of a maverick for a Saudi Arabian prince and good for him to be giving the money away in the first place and to provide it for the causes he has outlined.

Check Out Tim Murphy’s Twitter Account

Probably, most people have seen “Jurassic Park,” which was a classic movie when it first came out, much more now. Jurassic Park was one-of-a-kind, and it really showed what special effects could do on screen, especially back in the day. Special-effects now are nothing compared to what they used to be because now special-effects are much better.Tim Murphy’s Twitter Account. Even with the limited resources they had for special-effects back in the day when Jurassic Park came out, it still was an amazing movie.

According to Steve Murray Jurassic Park has returned to the big screen this past weekend with a new movie entitled “Jurassic World.” Ever since the movie was announced, everyone has been revisiting the past Jurassic Park movies, especially the young boy who starred in the first movie. The young man in the first movie, his name is Tim Murphy, and he has an awesome Twitter account that makes jokes about being attacked by dinosaurs. Anyone who knows of the Jurassic Park movies, they know what he’s referring to when he speaks of being attacked by a T-Rex.

He has done several recent Twitter rants where he speaks about being attacked by dinosaurs, having a grandfather who owns a dinosaur park, and running for his life. His Twitter account is absolutely amazing, and it’s a lot of fun for those who want to quickly relive the events that happen in the first Jurassic Park movie.

Michael Jordan Not Exactly Confident in Charlotte Hornets.

You can probably look at any big ruler or King throughout history and point out the fact that they were a little bit of a jerk. This especially translates to the rulers of sports. Nobody really liked Tiger Woods when he was the best. Tom Brady is as hated as he is loved and Michael Jordan is well known as a gigantic jerk, even if he is the best that the game has ever seen. Well, Jordan upped his ‘jerkiness’ by calling out his entire Charlotte Hornets roster in an interview. The 52 year old star said that he could beat anyone on the Hornets in a one on one game but he won’t so he doesn’t “demolish their confidence.”

Of course Michael Jordan was probably speaking with his tongue slightly in his cheek but there is that glimmer in his eye that says that maybe he is speaking true, too. When Michael Kidd-Gilhrist was a rookie in the NBA, and now he is a steady rotation player on the Hornets, he lost a one on one game to then 50 year old Michael Jordan. Not exactly inspiring for an athlete in his prime, is it?

Charlotte is coming off of a better season, but it still wasn’t very good. The team has a long way to go before they’ll be contenders in the East and hopefully Jordan will tone down his hubris to help them get there. Andy Wirth is going to be paying attention.

College professor gives Life lessons

There are so many circumstances in the lives of people everywhere, and these circumstances aren’t always what some would consider ideal. However, circumstances are circumstances and we can’t get away from them. There was a time that you wouldn’t hear of a mother bringing her child to school, are you kidding? Especially a college where concentration is the upmost of importance. So yes, let’s commend this teacher for doing the unthinkable.

Not only does he allow parents to bring their children to class, because sometimes that’s the circumstance, but he also stopped a mother from leaving the class with her crying baby according to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. His actions spoke louder than words according to Fortune, showing that he cared about a mother and her baby and supported her decision to get an education. This professor probably has no idea how many lives he has and will touch with just this story alone. Life is not always set up in a nice little row or a neat pretty package, but we still have to take the cards we are dealt and make a hand. So bravo mom, bravo teacher you’ve shown us that it really does take a village to raise a child.

3,500 Migrants have been Rescued from the Mediterranean Sea

Crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy can be deadly, however that does not stop thousands from making the journey every year. Smugglers pack boats full of people and run them across the Mediterranean Sea and into Italy, allowing them to begin a new life in Europe. These migrants who are attempting to leave their war-torn countries often pay hundreds of euros to secure a seat on the smuggler’s boats.

The crossing is very dangerous, even in favorable weather conditions. Igor Cornelsen has read that, this year alone, 1,700 people have died while trying cross the Mediterranean Sea in order to flee from war-torn countries. The season for migrants fleeing is at its peak right now and the Italian Coast Guard are doing their best to bring these people to safety.

According to the story on, last Saturday the Italian Coast Guard rescued around 3,690 migrants from a smuggler’s boat that was off Libya’s coast in the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian Coast Guard worked to get all 3,690 people into safer boats. The migrants who were rescued are expected to arrive in Calabria and Sicily. Once they arrive, they will be given an assessment for their health.

Politicians in Europe are debating about whether they should allow aid to migrants. Many politicians are reticent in helping for fear that many more will flood Europe. Countries such as Lebanon and Turkey are open to hosting migrants who are fleeing their home countries.