How Julie Zuckerberg Redefines Recruitment in the Corporate World

Julie Zuckerberg is an individual who believes that the expertise of people matters. She is a competent staffing and recruitment expert who currently serves as the executive talent acquisition lead of the Deutsche Bank. Zuckerberg understands the importance of hiring the right professionals. She loves her career and has been working for various companies in the past 15 years. Her services have allowed her to gain more experience and also better her skills. The professional manages an outstanding group of professionals who have been depending on her to achieve their career goals. She currently works for a finance company and has been assisting it in hiring the best employees who can help it in accomplishing its long-term objectives.


Deutsche Bank is a firm that is owned by the Germans, and it operates in different parts around the globe. Julie is currently based in Manhattan, New York. She has been working with the senior administrators of the firm in creating excellent recruitment strategies and bettering its staffing process. Julie is also in charge of coaching other recruiters at the company and hiring top executives.


The career of Julie Zuckerberg started in 2002, and her first employer was Hudson. She worked for the firm as a talent acquisition director for about five years. The company has majored in offering recruitment and staffing services, and therefore, she assisted it in acquiring the best professionals to serve in different industries. Her other roles at the firm included counseling employees, coaching, and enhancing talents.


Zuckerberg was later hired by Citi Group where she served as the executive recruiter and the vice president. She worked for the firm as from 2007, and her expertise was essential in bettering its recruitment strategies. Julie assisted the enterprise in dealing with compensation trends, acquisition of top talents, equity buyouts, and oversea recruitments. She was also in charge of recruiting executives such as directors and managing directors as well as heading negotiations that were involved in the hiring process.


Julie served Citi Group for six years and was hired by New York Life Insurance Company in 2013. She served the firm as its corporate vice president for about four months. During her term at the insurance company, she assisted in dealing with executive recruitment companies and also worked with the top managers taking care of the needs of the clients. She was offered a position at Deutsche Bank in April 2014.


The recruitment officer has gained various skills in her career. She is competent in interviewing, training employees, conflict resolution, management, leadership, and many other undertakings. Julie is an alumnus of the New York Law School where she was offered a Juris Doctor degree. She also graduated from the City University of New York with a degree in philosophy. Zuckerberg is a kind individual and has been striving to assist people who come from poor regions. Another important activity that she has been involved in is the advocating for human rights and the welfare of animals. She loves art, technology, and photography.


An Amazing Recruiter Based in New York: Julie Zuckerberg

Julie Zuckerberg is known as a famous New York-based recruiter. Her specialties include talent acquisition and management. Since 2014, she is working at Deutsche Bank as the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead. Her job provides her with various opportunities to meet and work with many leading corporate figures. Those people hire her for guiding process improvement and development of recruitment strategies. Many organizations choose Zuckerberg to negotiate complex senior job offers for them. Besides this, her duties include recruitment team coaching and counseling leadership & executive committees. She served as the Talent Acquisition at the Executive Recruiter Company. There her main job was to deal business relationships and manage contract governance. During her entire career of fifteen years, she has shown outstanding performance. Julie Zuckerberg used to work at New York Life Insurance before she joined Deutsche Bank. Her designations were Corporate Vice President and Senior Recruiting Lead. Her job was to analyze requirements for customers and recruitment process management.



Before Julie Zuckerberg moved to New York Life Insurance, she worked at Citibank as Vice President and Executive Recruiter for more than six years. Her duties included like negotiating complex job offers for senior positions, guidance for recruitment strategies, and international talent sourcing. Before she acquired the job at Citibank, Julie Zuckerberg used to work at Hudson as the Candidate Placement Director. Her duties at Hudson included recruitment of case managers, support staff, paralegals, and attorneys. Many corporations, investment institutions, and legal firms have to hire people on temporary posts, and they prefer Julie Zuckerberg for doing this job. She had lead conflict resolution and counseled and coached employees too. It is her strong work ethics and sound educational background that contributed to her success.



Julie Zuckerberg went to City University New York Brooklyn College for studying Philosophy. In the middle of her of studies, she made a big decision. She went to New York Law School to study law. This change became the reason for her to choose talent acquisition as her future career. Julie Zuckerberg always acknowledges her teachers and mentors. She was lucky to work with people that became her mentors. According to her, they are the reason what she is today. Those people improved her skill set and groomed her to be a successful professional. Today Julie Zuckerberg has become an extraordinary professional in the corporate business sector. All business professionals especially business leaders acknowledge her amazing skills of human resources, conflict resolution, employee training, coaching, acquisition & management, sourcing and team leadership. One of the reasons for her success in today’s modern and competitive era is the use of technology for improving efficiency. Her busy life at work has not stopped her from taking out time for herself. She is a true resident of New York City who loves to enjoy the vibrant culture of her city. NYC is known for offering everything to visitors and residents. It is believed that Julie Zuckerberg comes up with amazing ideas because she takes a keen interest in the culture of her city. She is a strong advocate of animal rights and underprivileged people.




The Intriguing Life of Malini Saba and Her Choice to Be a Philanthropist

Malini Saba has become a name and a face in the investment industry that has made me take interest in women in positions of power. I have seen her resume, and she has boasted quite an impressive record in the business world.

The first thing that I have noticed about Malini Saba is that she is a self-made story of success. I thought that this was very intriguing. I wanted to know how a woman who did not inherit a fortune managed to make a fortune. In fact, Saba has made so much that she has been able to simply give some of her millions away. This was yet another thing that would me take interest in what Saba was doing.

I looked at her Stree: Global Investments in Women Foundation, and I realized one thing. Saba was doing more than stocking up a fortune her for herself: this self made millionaire was also putting her time into helping women build better lives for themselves. It was at this point that she appeared like someone that was just angelic and totally engaged in uplifting women. Malini Saba was a role model and a positive force in the industry as a philanthropist.

Saba inspires me because she has been so ambitious. She moved to the United States at the age of 19. It would be during this time that she was starting her education on a collegiate level at Stanford University. It has been mentioned that she only had $200 at the time that she made this move. I think that this is outstanding. It has shown that she is one of those people that can survive on very little. I believe that her good stewardship over such a small amount of money would prepare her to successfully handle large sums of money in a much more efficient manner.

I admire the fact that Saba did not waste any opportunity during her time in the United States. She invested her money properly in real estate and telecommunications after receiving free advice that she picked up during lectures at Stanford University. She seems to have done those things that anyone could do if they had the determination. Saba didn’t have any innovative idea that would shock the world. She just had a plan to invest and build her relationships with knowledgeable investors, and she followed this strategic plan down to the wire.