The Importance of Great Wikipedia Business Page Creation

You may know Wikipedia as the world’s largest and most used online encyclopedia. Unlike other large publishers, it does not maintain a staff of writers to create posts. It is an open site – available to be used and leveraged by those smart enough to invest in quality material about their business or personal brand. But why is it important to create a Wikipedia page?

Firstly, you can validate your business and add trust in peoples’ minds. It adds legitimacy when someone can search for you in Google and find you right away with your own unique page. You also have a chance to tell the story you want. You can control the reputation of your brand with your own Wikipedia page. In addition to a positive image, it can also increase your sales. 

Imagine if your brand was available to every single person on earth with an internet connection. Luckily, with Wikipedia that is possible. It will also increase your visibility in the organic search rankings on large sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Have you ever noticed how often Wikipedia pages land at the top of search results? Imagine your brand being right there in the prime online real estate.

Of course, to enjoy these benefits you need to adhere to certain guidelines. Wikipedia has rules that you need to follow to avoid being flagged for misconduct. If you are caught doing something against the rules on your Wikipedia page, your page could be marked negatively or even removed. This would prevent your ability to reach more people and negatively affect your reputation. 

The core guidelines are: Make sure you have some articles written about your brand, create your own Wikipedia account, and link to the good articles from your Wikipedia page. A good article is a trade magazine, for example. Unless you have a giant brand like Google or Amazon, you shouldn’t link to your business website’s article as a proof of a claim, as Wikipedia will not deem it credible.

If you think it sounds complicated, don’t worry. Amateurs will find this difficult, which is to be expected. What you really want to make a Wikipedia page that’s going to be impactful is an expert or group of experts to help you. They can make your business appear professional while also avoiding any penalties from Wikipedia. 

Wondering where to get help with your Wikipedia page? Have no fear: is a source of experienced and knowledgeable Wikipedia writers for hire. They can take away the headache of making the page yourself, and provide unlimited opportunities and benefits for your business or personal online presence.