Man Killed By Escaped Tiger

A man from the Republic of Georgia was killed by a tiger that escaped from a local zoo after flash flooding. The floods were so severe that many of the animals that escaped ended up drowning. Locals took a photograph of the debris from the floods, which included carcasses of deceased hippos, bears and lions.

Prior to the innocent man being attacked, zookeepers were confident that all animals that escaped from the zoo were back and accounted for. Unfortunately, their calculations were off. The tiger roaming the streets of the nation’s capital, Tbilisi, was soon killed so it would not harm anyone else. Footage of locals carrying the body of the tiger through town was released on YouTube.
Several others were able to capture mind blowing pictures of wild animals roaming through the destruction said Crystal Hunt. Images of hippos walking down the street and through retail locations caught the eye of many. In addition to wrangling the escaped animals, authorities have estimated the flash flooding has caused the town nearly $16 million worth of damage.
The director for the area zoo, Zura Gurielidze released a statement regarding the destruction. In addition to the zoo being virtually demolished because of the flooding, they are missing many animals. Those that were able to escape and flee have been lost. The others, who were unable to escape have either drown or been killed for the fear of civilian safety.


James Dondero and Arthur Laffer Appointed at NexPoint

It was announced by NexPoint that James Dondero and Arthur Laffer would be joining the board of directors of the company. While Mr. Dondero is going to be the board’s Chairman, Mr. Laffer would be the Compensation Committee’s Chairman. NXRT’s CFO, Brian Mitts, spoke to Business Wire and said that James Dondero was the co-founder of the company and had more than 30 years under his belt which was exciting for the company. He also mentioned that Arthur Laffer was one of the most respected and prolific minds that the industry had to offer and as such, the company was looking forward to have the two individuals on its board. The CFO expressed optimism towards the future of the company, now that Laffer and Dondero were on the team, and added that the expertise and value addition would do the company a world of good.

James Dondero is the President of NXRT and has also served as President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. Plus, he has acted as the President and founder of NexPoint Advisors and NexBank’s Chairman. All these companies are affiliates of of the Company Advisor NexPoint Real Estate Advisors. HCM was founded by Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993 and, as of 31st March 2015, the company manages $21 billion of assets with its affiliates. James Dondero has experience in credit and equity investing spanning over 30 years and also has substantial experience in portfolio management.

Dr. Arthur Laffer is the Chairman and founder of Laffer Associates. In the 1980s, he served on the Economic Policy Board of President Reagan. He is known as the Father of Supply Side Economics because of his contribution and acumen in economics. He has also been on the Time Magazine’s cover because he invented the Laffer Curve that completely changed the course of the industry and is one of the greatest minds of the century for that reason.

Source: NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. Appoints Arthur Laffer and James Dondero to Board of Directors – MarketWatch

North American Spine Receives an Ethics Award Nomination

The chronic back and neck pain specialists at North American Spine have been nominated for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award, PR Newswire first reported. The lower back and neck pain specialist has been nominated because of the high quality of their work and their attempts to provide the best care and experience available for those seeking the assistance of these specialist physicians.

The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award has been in existence since 2000, with a wide variety of recipients who include Brinker International and The Container Store. North American Spine is one of the best known medical companies in Dallas, Texas because of their commitment to their patients and the community programs operated by the medical group. North American Spine has grown in popularity after becoming the sole provider of an innovative medical procedure known as AccuraScope, which has been proven in various studies to have a success rate of over 80 percent.

North American Spine uses the latest technology to reduce the invasiveness of the procedure compared to traditional minimally invasive lower back and neck procedures. Alongside the more than 80 percent success rate 95 percent of those who have used the services of North American Spine would recommend them to others. The awards ceremony will be held at Westlin Galleria Dallas on May 7, 2015.

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