Baltimore Residents Aiming to Be Better than Furguson

People across America found themselves unable to turn off the news Monday night while watching chaos unfold in Baltimore while riots broke out following the death of Freddie Gray. The media seemed to be pouncing on the possibility that there would be unrest similar to what happened in Ferguson, MO last year. After realizing the mistake of allowing destruction over the weekend and Monday night, officials and constructive members of the Baltimore community were finally able to get control of the rioting and destruction on Tuesday. Americans had a sigh of relief at 10:00 Pm EST on Tuesday night after they saw nearly all of the protesters obey the curfew that had been set into place. According to a article, there were only 10 arrests on Tuesday night as compared to the 235 arrests on Monday night. With a population significantly larger than Ferguson, Baltimore residents seem to have decided to rise above the rioting and aim for peaceful protests. People across the nation, like Dan Newlin, applaud them for their bravery, and sympathize with their plight.