The life of One Life to Live

One Life to Live is a soap opera that was shown on ABC for over 40 years. The show began in 1968 it was created to rival NBC’s popular soap Another World. The Soap’s first sponsor was Colgate-Palmolive. The writer wanted to have less restraint so as to have a wider scope in the story telling. This drama gave the audience a diverse group of characters, both ethnically as well as financially showing more than one segment of the population. The show also presented many hard hitting social issues in an accessible manner.

Actress Erika Slezak played Victoria Lord from March 1971 continuously for the show’s entire run. One Life to Live was the last American daytime soap opera taped in New York City. The show was canceled in 2011. The show has been trying for a relaunch but has had some legal issues.

Crystal Hunt played the character of Stacy Morasco from 2009 to 2012. The character was a stripper that followed her sister to Llanview after spotting her and Rex Balsom in Vegas. She decided to take Rex from her sister because of a misguided obsession. Through a series of events she ended up dying by falling through ice into a lake. She was survived by her sister Gigi her nephew and her daughter Sierra rose.

The actress Crystal Hunt has worked in many daytime shows in addition to her other acting credits. She joined Guiding Light at the age of 17, and has said on Facebook that it will always be a big part of her life. In a role where she received an Emmy nod. She went on to doing some film work till she returned to daytime work in 2009 joining ABC’s One Life to Live. She played the role of the twisted and obsessed stripper Stacy Morasco till the character’s death in 2012. Since then she has gone back to films and has been busy for the past several years. She also made a foray to the other side of the business of producing a film Talbot County inspired by a true story.

One Life to Live is set in the town of Llanview a suburb outside of Philadelphia. The show focused on four families the Lords of course, as the upper class family, along with the Woleks, Grays, and Rileys to round out their society. The show during its run presented wild story lines with many twists and dramatic adventure. The 80’s led to the focus coming to include the Buchanan family. The show also brought in one of the first interracial married couples to the soaps the Gannon’s. The show won many Emmy awards with even more nominations. The show was given an open ending to provide the show with options for continuation.