WorldEscape Lets You Become The Reservation Agent

The high maintenance personal assistant to my boss informed me that I had to use my vacation days or lose them. Our company was under new management, and vacation time didn’t roll over into your next service year. Miss High Maintenance handed me vacation brochures for London, two large, heavy manila envelopes, and then she pointed to the date my vacation was to begin which was next Monday, today was Thursday.

I called out from work the next day, shopped, packed, booked my round trip flight and I thought I was ready to leave, until I realized I had no place to stay. I prefer a homey setting instead of a hotel. I reached for the brochures Ms. HM handed me and looked through them, and she had written the words in her perfected script handwriting. I was sure this was one of her very expensive, resorts.

I sat at my PC in my home office and typed in WorldEscape, and was amazed by the user friendly and easy to understand directions on this vacation rental website. I typed in the name of the city I was visiting, my arrival and departure date and then clicked on search. Then I selected my price range, how many bedrooms, baths and people that would be staying in the rental. I was shown photos of the rentals according to the length of my stay, starting from the lowest price that was offered. The properties looked like high-end comfortable and cozy deals, but were reasonably priced.

I clicked on the “more info” tab, and I was reading a description of the property, what amenities were included, how to book the property and how to check-in. The rental was in the center of London with detailed instructions on how to get around on foot, using the bus, and the tube to go shopping, sightseeing and dropping off manila envelopes to our sister company. All correspondence between the property owner and myself was conducted through our emails. I selected the property, booked it and received my confirmation by email in a few seconds.
I have become my personal booking agent with WorldEscape vacation rentals, and their address has been added to my list of important contacts.