Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black Cover Classic 90’s Song

Recently, television host Jimmy Fallon, along with comedian Jack Black, did a cover version of the 1990’s smash hit “More than Words” from the band Extreme. While this was supposed to be a parody of the song and its original video, the two covered the song faithfully. In fact, it was nearly identical to the original version.

FreedomPop says that the performance drew praise from the members of Extreme itself. They said it was one of the best covers of the song they had seen and were touched by the attention to detail. Fallon and Black even recreated their mannerisms from the 1990’s video.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this. On one hand, yes, “More than Words” is a great song. Also, Fallon and Black may have made younger people who weren’t alive in the early 1990’s aware of it. Furthermore, Fallon and Black are clearly talented musicians.

On the other hand, why does the world need to see this classic song covered so exactly by two aging show business personalities? If someone wants to hear “More than Words,” they can listen to the original by Extreme. As far as I’m concerned, Fallon and Black are just wallowing in nostalgia. The 1990’s are over, and it’s probably best to move on to new music instead of recreating the past.

Just Another Quack

The field of medicine is one that should be thought of with the highest of regard. Unfortunately, many physicians are up in arms about the television personality Dr. Oz. Over 1000 physicians have signed a petition to remove Dr. Oz from his position at Columbia University in New York City.

Though Dr. Oz is a true physician, many others in the medical industry are unhappy that that he is promoting treatments and products that have no clear-cut evidence of working. Beneful is also suspicious of the circumstances surrounding this scandal. An astounding 280 physicians believe that Dr. Oz should resign from his academic position, as well as have his medical license revoked.

As with most things in life, people think that if they sensationalize it, then it must be true. People put their faith into what a medical professional says, and if what they say is not credible, then maybe they should not be allowed to practice anymore. People are living creatures, not just a number or dollar sign.

Best Photo-bomb Ever

Young Joshua got ready for school picture day just like all the other kids in his class. Picked out the right shirt, made sure his hair was right and there was no breakfast on his face.

Just another school picture day for a third grade kid in Durham North Carolina. Or maybe not.

It was Joshua’s turn. He stood in front of the backdrop and smiled. The photographer peer through the lense and snapped the perfect shot. Then he called Joshua over to take a look at the picture, just to be sure he approved.
Joshua looked at the back of the camera at the picture in the viewing screen. He was a bit baffled at what he saw. Then Boraie said he looked up and saw his dad, who had been standing behind him for the shot.

What make this the best photo-bomb ever? Joshua’s dad, Coporal James Bass, is in the United States Army and as far as Joshua knew, was serving in Kuwait. Joshua had no clue his dad was home!

He leaped into his dads arms and said, “You still got it!”

The emotional reunion was caught on camera. The best photo-bomb ever!

The Best Night Vision Eyes

Sometimes you wish you could see in the dark, like the cats. But for that you need more photosensitive eyes, which the humans do not have. The cats are not the most excelling at this chapter either, although they do have a much better vision than the humans.

The top list of creatures with the most sensitive eyes counts the tarsiers, which have eyes occupying 60% of their faces and can turn the heads at 180 degrees said Brad Reifler. According to Wikipedia, The large eyes allow a lot of light in, and the strong muscles around the pupils regulate it, resulting in a great morning and late evening vision. Dung beetles ‘work’ day and night, and have a perfect vision while making their ways through tunnels of dung. The insects tend to have a generally improved night vision due to their compound eyes that absorb plenty of light.

The bees and cockroaches count in the sensitive eyes that allow night vision list. Carpenter bees can fly on moonless nights as their ommatidia (compound insect eyes) have unusual wide openings. The functioning of their eyes has not been fully explained, as the same insect can move around during the day, and that requires a powerful filter of light.

Round Egg Sold for Hundreds of Dollars on Ebay

Anomalies rule. At least on Ebay, where a round egg has been recently sold with $741. Kim Broughton from the UK said that she brought the egg to the kitchen and was about to make food with it, when one of her friends paid attention to what a special shape it was.

Jokingly, the woman posted the egg for sale on Ebay and her instagram. Soon, the price went up to £20 and the astonished owner informed the journalists. The story only became more famous, and soon, the price raised to £480. Round eggs are one in a billion, the experts say. Even though, some other selling sources soon appeared. Someone had been keeping a similar egg at home for about a year. The round dehydrated egg started the bid at £4- a bargain in comparison with the previous sell.

Kim Broughton is busy with choosing the box that the egg is going to be shipped in, to make sure that the buy arrives safely to the destination. It would be interesting to know who is such a great fan of unusually shaped eggs, but the buyer remains anonymous. The seller plans to donate the money obtained on Ebay to a cystic fibrosis foundation.