Accurascope Procedure Making Great Difference in Spinal Surgery

Spinal Surgery is a procedure done by orthopedic specialists to correct injuries and pain associated with the back and neck. The pain is felt when the bones or tissues have been damaged. There are several spinal injury facilities in the United States that offer this kind of treatment. They include North American Spine Center, John Hopkins, and the Laser Spine Institute among others.

The human body is delicate and if not treated with care, injuries are bound to happen. They can be caused by excessive pressure to the body due to bad sitting habits or accidents. The pressure affects the tissues of the spine and patients usually undergo pain when this occurs. This results to them taking sleeping pills and inflammatory medications just to get a few hours of sleep.

The spinal injuries can occur without people noticing. The effects of the injury appears when the situation is about to get worse. This is because the spinal column can be affected by a simple movement like stretching. This can give rise to spinal trauma. Weakening of the body bones also causes that especially the elderly. This trend seems to continue as people get older, but the number of middle age people seeking this treatment has also been increasing
Many spinal treatment facilities have come up over the years due to the increased demand. Currently in the United States alone, there are over 20,000 patients treated every year. With changing lifestyles the number is likely to increase. They form the large segment of people seeking for spinal injury treatment.

This has led clinics to improvise new methods of treating these conditions. There has been much improvement to the traditional spinal fusion surgery. The clinics in the in United States currently use methods that are more effective and help the patients heal faster. One such spinal treatment facility is North American Spine. Twitter points out that this is a facility that operates from Dallas and uses the Accurascope procedure exclusively. The procedure is the most recommended by doctors for solving tissue related problems.

The improvement the clinic has made has enabled the treatment of patients quicker. Patients can now be treated in less than 40 minutes. The recovery time has also been shortened enabling people to get back at their normal activities quicker. The AccuraScope procedure offers treatment with no major surgery involved and it takes less than an hour to complete it. The doctors of North American Spine conduct this procedure using a tiny laser that works on the tissues that it touches only. It is best suitable for treatment of nerve related treatments. Apart from Accurascope, the North American Spine Center offers discectomy and cervical decompression surgeries. With the improved spinal surgery methods, patients now have a chance to get better treatment.