Fisher To Speak On Online Reputation Management At Impact15

The annual online marketing conference Impact15 starts later this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference allows industry leaders to network and share best practices and techniques in the field. Participants will also get an up close look at the latest online marketing technology.

Among the speakers at the conference will be Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs. Fisher’s presentation is entitled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression.” Fisher will discuss the importance of taking a proactive approach to managing one’s online presence.

Status Labs is a leading online reputation management firm that works with individuals and businesses to protect their digital profile. Status Labs helps suppress negative reviews and other harmful online content by creating positive content that occupies the first page of a Google Search or other online searches.

Negative content on the internet can cause more than just embarrassment. Fisher notes that “As an executive or a business owner, what shows up in your search results affects your bottom line.” A negative entry that reaches the first page of a search result can take customers away from the website that a company has worked so hard to create. Fisher and his colleagues at status labs are the cyber equivalents of the public relations “fixer” that prevents negative information about their clients from spreading.

Like other aspects of digital marketing, online reputation management is constantly evolving. Search engines regularly update their algorithms to produce the most relevant results. In addition, there has been a proliferation of online review and social media websites that allow people to write negative content about their subjects that often ranks high in search engines. The changing digital landscape requires online reputation management firms and their clients to adjust their strategies in order to maintain a positive online presence.

Fisher’s presentation will discuss the most effective ways for both individuals and corporations to protect their online reputation. The presentation will include case studies that examine how clients use online reputation management services at all stages of a public relations crisis.

Fisher, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, worked as a political consultant and copywriter before co-founding Status Labs. With offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paolo. the company serves politicians, athletes, and Fortune 500 companies. The company has over 1,500 clients in 35 countries.