Purina: The New Household Staple

In 2012 the pet care industry felt a major shift. People began to treat their animals as they treat their children. Pet food companies had the chance either to step up to improve and diversify their products or they would get swept under the rug. Purina was one of those that chose to step up. They paid more attention to their formulas and offered more formulas to satisfy the needs of the pets they cater to. From their Purina One line which satisfies the pickiest fur-parents to Alpo which offers quality food at a lower price, everyone can find something to love about the Purina news name. Even those of us that have dogs with special dietary needs or allergies, we find something.

Purina has also become much more of a household name. Recently, the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regionals were held in Boston, Massachusetts. People across the country watched as the dogs fetched, bobbed, weaved, and generally showed off what they can do. Events like this show that Purina really pays attention to what the public wants to see. They exhibited everything from dogs doing agility, to surfing, dock diving, and hurdle racing. People love their dogs and love to show off what they can do. This event definitely gave them a place to do this.

Recently, Purina has also been tugging at the heartstrings of consumers. Their now-famous commercial featuring a man raising and bonding with his puppy has really delighted young and old alike. We’ve all had those special moments with our dogs and this commercial really highlighted a few of them. For a fur-parent of an aging pup, their Vibrant Maturity formula made a difference I could see and feel from my boy. It gave me hope that I will have those moments for a few more years at least.

Purina is definitely a place to turn when feeding your animals for every stage of their life. The attention they’ve paid to what dogs and their owners want and need from a food company shows they have listened to what we have to say. Purina will not be swept under the rug anytime soon, and if they keep on the trajectory they’re currently on they will stay a household name.