Horrifying Florida Dentist Performed Unnecessary Dental Procedures

Horrified parents are trying to reconcile how a pediatric dentist could pull more teeth than necessary, and get away with the deed for years.

Perhaps because when asked, his dental assistants covered for him and Dr. Schneider has settled prior malpractice cases out of court.

Dozens of parents are suing the Florida dentist for unnecessary surgeries and abuse.

Brandi Motley’s six-year-old daughter had seven teeth pulled and claims the dentist choked and threatened her. Her daughter only required one extraction. Motley called police while standing in the parking lot, but local police ignored her claims. Motley has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Why would an experienced dentist knowingly extract additional teeth? For money.

Dr. Schneider accepts Medicaid, and they pay per tooth. The more teeth he pulled, the bigger the reimbursement. The incentive is so good that the dentist has collected close to $4 million in pay for providing his services.

Yet, Dr. Schneider’s abuse can be tracked back to 1995. He was sued for malpractice for placing 16 unnecessary crowns in the mouth of a three-year-old. The case settled for $7500.

Meanwhile, the Justice Department has begun an investigation, as well as the Florida Attorney General.