Bernardo Chua, the OrganoGold founder and CEO

When he started ORGANO™, Bernardo Chua the CEO and Founder was already a victorious business person. What made this new pursuit one of its kind is that it was resulting from his vision and duty into taking the old Chinese herb referred as Ganoderma to other parts of the globe. In 2008, Bernardo saw the need to expand to make an organization that could truly take ganoderma lucidum items to another level. In the wake of seeing the achievement ganoderma items had in Asian markets, Chua needed to demonstrate to the Western world what they could have disregarding. In five years, Organo Gold was pronounced by Direct Selling News as the 55th biggest direct offering organization on the planet, something Chua proudly represents on his resume.

Bernardo Chua has invested a considerable measure of energy teaching individuals about the numerous advantages this herb, and he continues to sing it’s praises on his Facebook. Education has dependably been an enormous center for Chua, as it furnishes the trust with Distributors and purchasers that different organizations may miss the mark on. Situated in Canada, Organo Gold has more than one million Distributors around the world. Chua and the organization keep on concentrating on key approaches to stay in front of the business rivalry, and that has been a major motivation behind why the name has kept on developing. Chua believes the location of the Company in Canada, a nation known for having strict rules for items and organizations, gives clients a considerable peace of mind. Any apparent dangers are disposed of in the wake of perceiving the herb testing and the condition of the items before dispersion.

Bernardo Chua is a standout amongst the best businesspeople in The Pacific Rim. Amid his profession, Chua has been honored with a couple of distinctive awards. Most strikingly, he got the Award of Dangal ng Bayan for Business & Industry from the Joint 22nd Yearly People’s Choice and the Award of National Consumers Quality during 2014. The National Shoppers Choice additionally recognized the organization as the top direct offering organization within the foods supplements field. Chua has been respected on five distinct events with the Award for Direct Sales Company of the Year.

With Organo Gold settled, Bernardo Chua keeps on concentrating his major efforts on refining his business as could reasonably be expected. He works intimately with a portion of the best natural ganoderma makers on the planet, which permits him to give quality products without a precarious sticker price. He additionally subsidizes exploration identified with ganoderma, permitting Organo Gold to have a decisive advantage over the business competition when new substances come along or uses are found.