Sergio Cortes Provides Coverage Of A Recent Michael Jackson Auction

The most recent article on Michael Jackson in Direito e Negocios offers coverage from Sergio Cortes on a memorabilia sale. There are many Michael Jackson artifacts floating around the world today, and these artifacts often come up for auction. Sergio is the best impersonator in the world today, and this article explains his discoveries at the auction.

#1: There Were Many Artifacts To Choose From

The auction was not an auction for a single item. There was a white glove that garnered most of the attention, but the auction itself had clothing, platinum records and artwork that had to do with Michael’s career. Michael Jackson was the most prolific entertainer in history, and his decades of performing created many artifacts that were on sale. Sergio was pleased to see everything he found at the auction, and there were many things he wanted for himself.

#2: The White Glove

The white performance glove used by Michael at many concerts was up for sale for a starting bid of $20,000. The sale was not expected to go much higher than $20,000, but the glove sold for $64,000. This sale represents one of the most expensive single items sold at a Michael Jackson auction, and Sergio was there to see the glove for himself. A performer of Sergio’s magnitude could use one of those gloves to propel his career forward.

#3: Why Is Sergio Interested?

Sergio Cortes is the best impersonator in the world today, and he is a dedicated performer who has only been interested in performing as Michael Jackson for all these years. His performances have been lauded for their creativity and authenticity, and Sergio has made a name for himself by simply looking so much like Michael. He sings just like Michael, and he moves just like Michael at every performance.

#4: How Does Sergio Make His Performances Perfect?

Sergio makes every performance perfect with his appearance and his mannerisms. He sounds very much like Michael, and people who have attended his concerts are very interested to check if that is indeed an impersonator. Reviews have wondered in their articles if Sergio is channeling the spirit of Michael, and Sergio shows that his lifelong respect for Michael translates into his act.

Sergio Cortes is the finest impersonator performing today, and he chooses to use the persona of Michael Jackson to play each show. Sergio is a talented individual who has dedicated his life to carrying to banner for Michael Jackson, and people who see Sergio in person are blown away by his performances. His recent look at a Michael Jackson auction shows that interest is still there for Michael’s career, and the sale of the white glove further confirms that Michael is relevant to this day.

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