White Shark Media is an online marketing company that was co-founded by Andrew Lolk, who’s also the CMO. White shark was started to help small business owners advertise their business. The white shark media helps the business owners concentrate on their jobs while they do the marketing bit of the enterprise. White shark media makes sure they offer top notch services to all their clients.


In every business, modifications have to be done once for a while. In white shark media, they receive a lot of compliments from their customers but once in a while they receive pointers on where they should improve.


One of the areas that they have tried checking up on is their communication with their clients. To change this, White Shark Media have set status calls done monthly via GoTomeeting. With this, they can involve the customer more in their Adword accounts. White shark media has also created a system whereby the client can communicate with their contact person directly. It is seen to be effective because the customer can reach the contact person from wherever he or she (contact person) is.


White shark media always employ the best employees. In doing so, they avoid complaints from clients saying their contact person does not offer much help. The White Shark employees are expected to be fluent and can be able to relate to clients well. Most White Shark clients use their phones to make enquiries or communicate with the agency. Therefore white shark has tried tracking their phones with the partnership with Marchex. By doing so, the company can reach the client via their phones wherever they are.


White shark media clients always send feedback on how they want to keep track of their Adwords account progress. The agency has responded to this feedback by enabling free Google analytics, call tracking as well as conversion tracking. In this way, the customer can view his Adword account progress.


The primary work of the white shark media is to provide campaign ground for small and medium business owners. And with that, most of the owners want the campaign to bring the best result.


At white shark media, they receive several feedbacks. One of the most disappointing is that new campaigns don’t make much success like the old campaigns. At this, White Shark manages both campaigns, old and new, while assessing which campaign strategies bring more progress. It is their intention to use the most effective tool.


The clients have been satisfied by the response of the agency to most of their feedback. With many clients through platforms like Facebook recommend the company to others hence showing their new strategies are working.