Keith Mann Introduces New Scholarships

Keith Mann, the founder of Dynamics Search Partners, has some good news for students in Uncommon Schools. Not long ago, the education activist and philanthropist announced the introduction of the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This will be an award that will recognize the young individuals who have proven to be the next leaders in the future generation.

Keith Mann also announced that he will be partnering with Uncommon Schools to ensure that the scholarship awards are successful. Uncommon Schools is a famous non-profit making charter management that is located in the New York City. The partnership will be instrumental in ensuring that the scholarship opportunities are given to one student graduating from the senior school from one of the Uncommon Schools Brooklyn, high school.

The news about the new scholarship has been received positively by the students and the teachers at the schools. According to the college counselors at the Uncommon Charter High School, the scholarship program is very generous, and it will be of great help to the school and also to the future of the country. Thanks to the scholarship, a student from the school will be guaranteed of a four-year college opportunity.

For a student to be considered for the scholarship, there are several requirements. They must be in the final year in high school, and they must also write a one thousand word essay, explaining how the college degree acquired through the scholarship will help them in their professional lives in the future.

According to Keith Mann, the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, the opportunity will benefit a student who comes from a low-income family. They will be able to attend college and graduate after four years, ad this way, they will be able to succeed professionally due to the knowledge acquired in the college. The company wants to ensure that Uncommon Schools are supposed fully in this mission.

Keith Mann’s scholarship is available to all graduating seniors attending the Uncommon Charter High School in Brooklyn, in the New York City. The application starts in February, and it will end at the end of March.