Traffic Cameras Found To Be Wrong

Traffic lights are a necessary component for the safety of our roads and society. In recent years the trend has enlarged to add cameras to catch those who run red lights, or are violating some other traffic law. What has recently been uncovered in the state of Ohio is that a huge bribery scam is behind these cameras and that the cameras sole purpose was to make money for municipalities.

A Republican Senator form Ohio has recently uncovered through an investigation a scheme that involves the Federal Government, local governments and the manufacturers and installers of the red light cameras. It seems that there have been monies exchange with local governments that allow an ever increasing number of these cameras to be installer.

The cameras have caused the unnecessary and wrongful charging of drivers, and some very steep fines to be incurred that have not actually been justified says Dr. Jennifer Walden in this article. The camera companies have made millions of dollars in the deals that have mandated the installation of a significant number of the cameras.

The Republican senator has since successfully been able to draft and get passed a mandate that states wherever one of these cameras are located that a live police officer must be stationed. This will cut down on the occurrence of frivolous fines being assessed against drivers.

The Senator has also been successful in getting an order instituted that will refund all fines that have been assessed against drivers who have been supposedly “caught” by these cameras.