Samuel Strauch: How To Choose Reliable Real Estate Service

Samuel Strauch is a highly reputable and reliable real estate consultant. He has many years of experience in the industry. Samuel Strauch has provided services to numerous clients and is well recognized by peers and clients.

Samuel Strauch is based in Miami, FL, where he has purchased and sold many properties, including residential and commercial properties. He is fully aware of how to create vast fortunes in real estate and has helped many investors do the same.

Samuel Strauch attended several colleges, including Hofstra University in New York where he obtained his undergraduate degree in business. He also studied at Harvard University as well as the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Samuel Strauch is well educated and that helped him learn how to deal with people in a variety of situations.

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Prior to working in his family real estate business, Mr Samuel Strauch had a job in banking. In 2002, after several years of working in his family real estate business, he gained enough experience to start his own company and has continued to grow to this day.

He has successfully integrated a platform of complementary business enterprises in development, acquisitions, equity sourcing, management, and brokerage of real estate. He has achieved great success and he believes that positive mental attitude has a lot to do with it.

Samuel Strauch believes that there’s always something good or beneficial to learn from your experience. Strauch takes time to read and practice mind development, which helps him in handling day-to-day activities.

Many people want to get started in the real estate business but don’t know how to go about setting up the business, or where to get the right training or coaching. Working for a successful real estate professional, or getting coaching, can be a great way to venture into this industry.

To ensure your success in any endeavor, it is extremely important to get proper training. If you are willing to work hard and persevere, you will definitely be able to build a highly lucrative real estate business. Samuel Strauch can help you get started in this lucrative industry.

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Gregory Hauge and The Creation of 990

Gregory D Hauge is the founder and owner of The 990 Sells Homes Company. But what does this company do and how can it help better the community around it? As one of the top educated individuals and real estate professionals, Gregory knows a thing or two of not only moving property but creating businesses the entire city can get behind. Plus, with his career spanning across the country, he has been able to expand his services throughout some of the most sought after areas of the United States.

Gregory D Hauge originally studied science at Miami University in 1971, but decided to change paths and obtained his Juris Doctor from American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. three years later in 1974. However, before al of this, Gregory D Hauge had a passion for real estate, so he obtained his first real estate license when he was just 18 years old. Eight years later, he had a license to practice law, making him a true double threat.

His family at the time owned a real estate business in Cincinnati. This proved to be right around the same time a young Donald Trump purchased his first real estate property for his own family in Cincinnati and the two did cross paths from time to time in southern Ohio. Four years after starting work for his family he went on to spin off his own real estate company and, within a single year, it became one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the city, offering 11 different offices, 220 agents and over 600 listings at once.

By 1981 though, he moved away from the snow and cold of Ohio and relocated his family in Scottsdale, Arizona, the high-end suburb of Phoenix. In Metro Phoenix, he created a new company called WHY USA, which helped home owners sell their homes for a set price of $990. This way, home owners could save off of the more expensive commission fees. Within a year of opening the company with two other people, it employed 221 individuals.

This company went on to be called The 990 Company. The process is still the same and he and his company still are able to work with home owners to help them sell their houses for a flat fee of $990 each time.

Eventually, Gregory D Hauge decided to start up practicing law again. He received his Arizona license in 2012 to practice within the state. He first started to practice law inside of the Stinson Morrison Hacker, LLP outside of Phoenix but then went on to create the Hauge Law Group. he also helps currently with the Arizona Volunteer Lawyers Program among other services he offers.