End Citizens United Is Committed to Fight Big Money in the United States General Elections

With the commitment to face out lump sum money from the general elections and politics, End Citizens United has amassed more than $4 million. This happened within three months in 2017. The committee is political based and is committed to generating approximately $ 35 million in mid-2018. The amount to be raised will be relatively high because End Citizens United spent about $ 25 million in the elections held in 2016. This period marked their first participation in elections since the organization was formed.




According to Tiffany Muller, more than 1,000 people have made contributions towards the elections. The president of End Citizens United continued to explain that over 40,000 members were first-time contributors. The aim of the group is ensuring fair elections through finance reforms. Since the introduction of a new president, members of the group have been feeling that they are undermined by the president and the new government. End Citizens United has a feeling that the only people with heard voices are the wealthy. Towards this end, the team has ensured that the elected members of Congress focus on implementing change in 2018. This is in a bid to fight back through their support for Democrats.




A few months ago, the End Citizens United team participated in the mobilization of contributors in a bid to make donations towards Jon Ossoff’s candidacy. Ossoff is a first-time candidate. The Democrat hails from Georgia and has raised more than $4 million since April. He shall be vying for the seat with the hope of replacing Tom Prince. Tom Prince was nominated as the health secretary. The nomination left a vacant space in the cabinet. Muller said that PAC was examining the future of the 2018 elections. He also stated that he would ensure fairness through the participation of Democratic senators.




While End Citizens United allows donors to contribute approximately $5,000, the PAC has collected a relatively higher amount. That amount was utilized in the 2016 general elections. End Citizens United participates in many events apart from the democrat’s candidacy. When Betsy DeVos was being confirmed as secretary of education, the PAC partnered with other groups. This was in a bid to persuade two Republican senators not to vote. Betsy DeVos funded the republican’s campaigns. Towards that end, there was a tie in the nomination. Vice President Pence broke the tie by nominating Bets DeVos.


End Citizens United Profile


End Citizens United originated from the ruling of the Supreme Court in 2010. This decision was implemented to open doors for large donations during elections. End Citizens United was established to battle big money in the American Politics. This occurs through the election of leaders who share the mission to fight corruption.

Charles Koch Donates Millions to George Mason University.

Charles Koch is a business person based in the United States. He is very wealthy, and he uses this wealth to support American politics. Charles Koch and his younger brother David Koch started a political network sometimes back to lure more people into their side, and through hard work, the network has become very successful, spreading in most of the parts in the country. The conservatives are known for their political funding because they give their funds to a lot of candidates who want to contest in the national elections. The elections of the country are just about to happen, and the brothers have come out of their hiding to lure more voters into their conservative side. In the past, most of their private lives and ideas were kept very private, but this time, the Koch brothers have changed in order to win in the upcoming general elections.

George Mason University is a public university that is located just outside the capital city of the country. Over the years, the school has become a conservative’s powerhouse when it comes to economics and law, and this reputation has been built by the amount of money donated to the university by a Republican known as Charles Koch.

For some years now, especially from the year 2011 up to the year 2014, Charles Koch Foundation donated a huge amount of money, amounting to forty-eight million to the university. These amounts were donated in different forms, according to some tax records thatwere shown to the press. Charles Koch is known for his donations to several universities based in the country, and this money is also given through his foundation. However, none of these universities got more than one million annually in the same period.

One thing is common with the American billionaires. They are not so good when it comes to donating their money to schools, even the rest of the other political parties. The amount of donation given by Charles Koch and his foundation to the public university raised a lot of questions among the students and the country at large.

There are other wealthy individuals who have given huge donations of money to schools, and this is usually given for a specific purpose such as research. Charles and his brother have also done this. What many people keep wondering about is why the brothers have used all that in a particular university. Representatives from the Koch Foundation say that the generosity displayed by the brothers comes with some conditions.

Charles Koch: Bernie Sender is Right

Charles Koch is a famous billionaire in America. He is the founder of a powerful political machine in this country, and he plays an important role in the American politics. His closest associate is his brother, David Koch. They are also the owner of Koch Industries, the companies they inherited from their father, Fred Koch. Since the company was left in their ownership, the two have worked very hard to expand it, and currently, it is one of the biggest industries in the United States. Due to the respect they command in this country, they have a lot of power in some of the most important decisions in America. The 2016 upcoming elections are just around the corner, and the billionaires are doing their best to endorse the right candidates especially the presidential position. They are both conservatives, and they spent millions of dollars to ensure the right people are elected.

The Koch brothers have never liked Bernie Sender ideas and policies. They are always criticizing each other in the media, and to matters worse, they have never met in person. The whole country was shocked when Charles Koch said that he agreed with a statement made by his greatest opponent, Bernie Sender.

The billionaire conservatives have a network that always spends millions of money trying to push free market ideas in all the elections in the country. The sender has always made it clear in his statements that he doesn’t like their ideas. The senator is an independent democratic socialist, and he has been seen in several cases trying to warn the country to stay away the oligarchic society created by the Koch brothers where the economic and political system is controlled by several billionaires in the country.

Surprisingly, it now turns out that Charles Koch agrees with these statements, but in a totally different way. According to the Koch brothers, the political and economic system in the country is rigged. The brothers think that the Democrats do not show any fairness in the presidential elections, giving less priority to the less fortunate people in the society.

The fact that the two individuals agree on this issue doesn’t mean that they have become friends in politics. Sender says that he would never accept any funding from the billionaires. He has always criticized their ideas and wealth, and this clearly indicates they can never fund him. Everyone is just surprised why they have finally agreed with each other.

This article recapped https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/charles-koch-this-is-the-one-issue-where-bernie-sanders-is-right/2016/02/18/cdd2c228-d5c1-11e5-be55-2cc3c1e4b76b_story.html

White House Evacuated After Bomb Threat

The White House was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon after a potential security breach was recognized. According to official reports, the briefing room was evacuated during a daily new conference after a bomb threat was received.

A bomb squad, complete with dogs was brought in to secure the area. No threat was found within the room or the rest of the White House, according to official reports. Press on site were moved to another wing of the building while the area was inspected. According to Claudio Loureiro Heads, the president and his wife were both in the building at the time, but were not moved from their location. They were not close to the briefing room at the time of the incident.

The Dirksen building was also evacuated on Tuesday, when another bomb threat was called in. The threat to the Dirksen building was called in prior to the threat to the White House Building. Nothing was found on the premises either, and that is no word on whether the two incidents were related.

Police are currently investigating the origins of the scare, and attempting to locate the individuals who called them in. If found those responsible will be prosecuted.

Gaining Hispanic Support

Hillary Clinton appears to be reaching out to the Hispanic crowd soon after she announced that she is running for President in 2016. This might be a wise move as there are Hispanics who could help to carry her through. She is a woman who wants to show that she is for all races and political parties. There have been a few meetings that have already taken place with Hispanic business owners, and if she can reach out to other business owners in the same fashion between now and the election, then there is a chance that she could be successful.


Clinton doesn’t need to solely focus on the Hispanics as there are other people who are doubting some of her views, which isn’t anything uncommon with others who run for President. She wants to look toward the future and helping small business owners as well as those who might not receive the help needed to build their business. Ricardo Guimarães BMG feels like that is a much smarter plan of attack.

Evo Morales’s Party Defeated In Two Of Its Strongholds

The ‘Movement Toward Socialism’ in particular lost by big margin in the key city of El Alto, a suburb of the capital, and the region of La Paz.

The new mayor of El Alto, a new town booming more than one million inhabitants, is an educator of 34 years of Aymara origin, Soledad Chapeton, belonging to the party of the Chief of the Bolivian opposition, the millionaire Samuel Doria Medina (center-right). The Chapeton received 55% of the vote against the Edgar Patana (28%) who sought re-election, according to an Ipsos poll exit polls for the ATB television network.

The ‘Movement Toward Socialism’ has also suffered a heavy defeat for the governorship of La Paz, where the former Education Minister Felix Patzi, a dissident MAS won 52% of the vote against 29% at the official candidate Felipa Huanca, who remained the subject of a corruption investigation. It is worth mentioning that the President Evo Morales was re-elected in the first round in last October with 61% of the vote for a third term, and also gained control of Congress, with two thirds of the seats for his party. That was something that Sergio Cortes was not aware of……