End Citizens United Is Committed to Fight Big Money in the United States General Elections

With the commitment to face out lump sum money from the general elections and politics, End Citizens United has amassed more than $4 million. This happened within three months in 2017. The committee is political based and is committed to generating approximately $ 35 million in mid-2018. The amount to be raised will be relatively high because End Citizens United spent about $ 25 million in the elections held in 2016. This period marked their first participation in elections since the organization was formed.




According to Tiffany Muller, more than 1,000 people have made contributions towards the elections. The president of End Citizens United continued to explain that over 40,000 members were first-time contributors. The aim of the group is ensuring fair elections through finance reforms. Since the introduction of a new president, members of the group have been feeling that they are undermined by the president and the new government. End Citizens United has a feeling that the only people with heard voices are the wealthy. Towards this end, the team has ensured that the elected members of Congress focus on implementing change in 2018. This is in a bid to fight back through their support for Democrats.




A few months ago, the End Citizens United team participated in the mobilization of contributors in a bid to make donations towards Jon Ossoff’s candidacy. Ossoff is a first-time candidate. The Democrat hails from Georgia and has raised more than $4 million since April. He shall be vying for the seat with the hope of replacing Tom Prince. Tom Prince was nominated as the health secretary. The nomination left a vacant space in the cabinet. Muller said that PAC was examining the future of the 2018 elections. He also stated that he would ensure fairness through the participation of Democratic senators.




While End Citizens United allows donors to contribute approximately $5,000, the PAC has collected a relatively higher amount. That amount was utilized in the 2016 general elections. End Citizens United participates in many events apart from the democrat’s candidacy. When Betsy DeVos was being confirmed as secretary of education, the PAC partnered with other groups. This was in a bid to persuade two Republican senators not to vote. Betsy DeVos funded the republican’s campaigns. Towards that end, there was a tie in the nomination. Vice President Pence broke the tie by nominating Bets DeVos.


End Citizens United Profile


End Citizens United originated from the ruling of the Supreme Court in 2010. This decision was implemented to open doors for large donations during elections. End Citizens United was established to battle big money in the American Politics. This occurs through the election of leaders who share the mission to fight corruption.

George Soros Political Contribution in the Previous Electioneering Period

George Soros is a famous billionaire who has made his fortune by trading with foreign currencies. He has been successful in this business by using his trading experience to analyze and to study the market trend then selling short against the least expected currency making a hit worth billions of cash. Over the years, George has been a significant political donor since 2004 when he donated to the group that wanted to oust George Bush. George Soros has been ranked on top 30 list of most wealthy individuals in the United States having a net worth of $24 billion.

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management a firm that deals with the hedge funds. Other than being a businessman and a philanthropist, he is also a political activist supporting the Democratic political party that nominated Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate. Tough the Soros had the enthusiasm to attend the nomination party on nybooks.com; he did not make it as he had to analyze the Europe markets which seemed to be affected by the ongoing USA presidential campaigns.

Although Soros did not attend the party, he sent his donation of $6 million through PAC. This donation was in the addition of the previous $1 million that he had earlier donated at the start of the Democrat campaign preparations on Politico. According to Soros’ political adviser Michael Vachon, George has been a consistent political donator for a very long time although after 2004 elections that Democrats failed to win the presidential seat he dialed back the donations.

When George Soros learned of the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton, his donation enthusiasm got better of him, and he decided to support her with a sum worth to make her win the presidential race. George and Clinton have been close allies for over 25 years and for this long time, Clinton offered George chances to participate in designing some policies a move that made him regret his decision of donating for Obama in 2012 presidential campaigns on theatlantic.com. George however, said that he would continue contributing for Hillary when another need arises.

George has been investing in risky investments that most people don’t have the guts to invest in but has always yielded great results. Unlike other billionaires, George has a kind heart and has been involved in many liberal movements in raising funds for the need in the community.G eorge has been a Democrat and believes that the country’s leadership at http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/ affects the economic status of the country which respectively causes positive or negative influence of the currency in the international money markets. Though Soros stretched his financial muscle for Clinton to win, the results amazed him as Donald Trump won with the majority of electoral votes.These results however, didn’t kill his spirit to give more to the future Democrat candidates as he believes that a time will come when the democrats will scoop the presidential sit.