Preserving Life

A recent report released by Amnesty International USA noted that every single state in the United States of America failed to comply when it came to standards on using lethal force by law enforcement officers and authority. The report also stated that 13 of the 50 United States stood below legal standards that are held in the Constitution and 9 of those states don’t even have laws that address the issue of excessive force. Folks at Boraie Development LLC know that the debate over police violence has been at an all-time high in the past 11 months. Mainstream media would have people believe that these incidents are mainly based on racial plights. In hindsight, these incidents are raising awareness that would indicate that the American justice and authoritative system needs a complete overhaul. The executive director of Amnesty USA found the data shocking and noted that there was a clear lack of respect for human life. Officers in law enforcement are given certain extensions to use lethal force but they are held to no obligation to preserve or respect human life. It is unnerving to know that these flawed human beings have an extraordinary amount of power but don’t have the same responsibilities in showing even the least bit of restraint. The data taken by the research company will be used in order to mandate and revamp the authoritative American justice system. Researchers are hoping that their efforts will force a much needed change.

New York Police Investigate Prison Staff and Contractors

New York State law enforcement official as well as the FBI are investigating how two inmates, David Sweat, age 34, and Richard Matt, age 48, serving life sentences escaped from a New York prison. Police investigators are convinced that the two had help from both inside and out side of the prison. Inmates, prison staff and contractors are being interviewed by law enforcement to determine how did the two get the power tools that hey used to literally cut their way out of prison.Police Focus on Prison Worker Regarding Escaped Convicts

Keith Mann has learned that sources close to the investigation report that a prison worker named Joyce Mitchell, who is a supervisor in the prison’s tailor shop make have played a role in their escape.