Caring For Your Dog And The Benefits Of Beneful

If you love your dog, then keeping your buddy well cared for will be one of your top priorities. Our dogs do so much for us that we don’t even realize. They offer us healthier hearts, fantastic for mental health especially anxiety and our dogs give us loyalty and love. It is the least we can do to return the favor, and keep them well taken care of and happy so we have them in our lives and loving us for as long as possible.

Visiting a good vet regularly is the best thing that you do for your dog. Your dog’s vet will help you ensure that you’re doing everything that you need to be doing along with medical expertise that only their training will permit. They offer a variety of necessary services such as tagging your canine, keeping your dog vaccinated with records and proper nutrition by giving Beneful and weight management guidance.

Your dog has to get his or her shots as scheduled to make sure that your pet stays in optimal health on Vaccines cover a wide variety of protection against nasty and life threatening diseases and illnesses that your dog can contract like distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies because we don’t want our canine pals turning into Cujo from the Stephen King novel. How often your dog needs to get shots depends on a few things though. Their lifestyle, age, risks for vaccines and for your dog and their overall health will be something to consult your vet about.

Microchipping or tagging your dog is crucial. If your dog gets lost, then it has less than a 15% chance that it will ever make its way back home. That’s scary for any owner that loves their dogs. A lot of people see their dogs as their kids. Imagine a human child getting lost with those statistic. It’s an uneasy feeling just imagining it. Fortunately, your vet can chip your dog. That means that if he or she gets lost then they’ll be found much easier no matter how far off the beaten path they wander. The chip doesn’t need a battery, and it is inserted right underneath the skin. It’s quite painless and small since it is only the size of a grain of rice. Once your dog is found, any animal control officer, vet or shelter can scan your dog within seconds, and you’d be notified immediately.

When your vet brings up food and weight management, then they’ll likely be happy to hear that you’re already feeding your buddy with Purina’s Beneful brand dog food. That will make their advice short and the appointment shorter. Beneful offers great guidelines for feeding your dog for their breed and size, has a great balanced nutritional spectrum and several different product lines for your dog’s age and breed. It’s a fantastic all in one food source that’s affordable. Most agree with this summary of the product too, and Purina has been at the forefront of pet nutrition for decades now, and Beneful is one of their finest products.

Purina: The New Household Staple

In 2012 the pet care industry felt a major shift. People began to treat their animals as they treat their children. Pet food companies had the chance either to step up to improve and diversify their products or they would get swept under the rug. Purina was one of those that chose to step up. They paid more attention to their formulas and offered more formulas to satisfy the needs of the pets they cater to. From their Purina One line which satisfies the pickiest fur-parents to Alpo which offers quality food at a lower price, everyone can find something to love about the Purina news name. Even those of us that have dogs with special dietary needs or allergies, we find something.

Purina has also become much more of a household name. Recently, the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regionals were held in Boston, Massachusetts. People across the country watched as the dogs fetched, bobbed, weaved, and generally showed off what they can do. Events like this show that Purina really pays attention to what the public wants to see. They exhibited everything from dogs doing agility, to surfing, dock diving, and hurdle racing. People love their dogs and love to show off what they can do. This event definitely gave them a place to do this.

Recently, Purina has also been tugging at the heartstrings of consumers. Their now-famous commercial featuring a man raising and bonding with his puppy has really delighted young and old alike. We’ve all had those special moments with our dogs and this commercial really highlighted a few of them. For a fur-parent of an aging pup, their Vibrant Maturity formula made a difference I could see and feel from my boy. It gave me hope that I will have those moments for a few more years at least.

Purina is definitely a place to turn when feeding your animals for every stage of their life. The attention they’ve paid to what dogs and their owners want and need from a food company shows they have listened to what we have to say. Purina will not be swept under the rug anytime soon, and if they keep on the trajectory they’re currently on they will stay a household name.

The Dogs That I Rescue Love Beneful Brand Foods

I’m such a fan of Beneful brand foods that I should be a salesperson. I have had several dogs over the years because I rescue them when I can. Everyone in the neighborhood knows me as the rescue woman, and if a dog is wandering around the neighborhood, they’ll always bring the dog to me. Over the years, I’ve learned what dogs like to eat, and I’ve never had a problem when it comes to feeding any of my dogs Beneful. At one point or another I switched up foods, and the dog may have gotten sick, or they may not have eaten it, or it just ended up sitting there and going to waste.

Fortunately, when it came to feeding any of my dogs Beneful, it was never a problem, so I continued buying the Beneful brand of food. Recently, I had a dog that seemed to have an allergy against certain types of food. I fed the dog some table scraps because I didn’t have any dog food at the time. I didn’t have any dog food because I hadn’t had a rescue dog in months, and any food that I had was no longer in the house. I figured table scraps would be okay for the dog, but I was wrong.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the dog got sick from the meat that I fed him, and he was throwing up all night. I took him to the veterinarian the next day, and the vet let me know that the dog had allergies. Although I could never have known what the dog had, he suggested that I only feed the dog, dog food, and nothing from the table. I went back to exactly what I know, and I chose to buy Beneful brand foods because I knew the dog would love it.

I was right about the food, and the dog ate all of it without a problem. Whatever allergies the dog may have had, the Beneful brand food had nothing to do with it, and he absolutely loved it. I kept the dog for a few weeks until a dog rescue pound could take him, and I heard that he now has a very good home. I will continue to rescue dogs as long as I live, and another thing I’ll do as long as I live is buy Beneful brand food. Since all my dogs have love Beneful, I see no reason to switch.

Dog Sanctuary Offers Love and Care

Your senior years are meant to be lived out in comfort. For many feline and canine friends this is not the case.House with a Heart is a foundation that was developed in Maryland to take in senior cats and dogs to let them live out their senior years in comfort.

The lady who started the shelter has 50 volunteers that come periodically throughout the day to offer care and love to the animals. What makes this shelter different from others is that the animals are not up for adoption. Many of the animals are in their last years. Adopting them out would be an emotional upheaval for them.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, The owner of the shelter goes on to state that many of these animals have been abandoned and have already been through a lot. She feels that the emotional strain of going to another family is more than they can or should have to endure. The idea is to offer them a safe place that they can feel comfortable in.

The house sits on two acres so that animals have ample room to romp in the sun or bask in the shade. There are also doggie doors that lead to the yards so that they have the freedom to choose when they want in or out. A perfect place to get the care and love that they need in their elderly years. Every dog should have it so good.