Sergio Cortes Is Known As The Top Michael Jackson Performer In The World

Just like Elvis Presley and other celebrities that have moved on to another reality, Michael Jackson is being honored by impersonators all over the world. Impersonators never really project the full personality of a deceased musical giant in their performance, but some performers are close enough a “thumbs up.” There is a Las Vegas show honoring Michael Jackson and several films that depict the talent of the Michael Jackson. But none of the performances compare to the show that Sergio Cortes puts on when he takes the stage as Michael Jackson.
The Brazilian online magazine calls Sergio Cortes a musical genius for his impersonation of Jackson. Cortes, a 44-year-old native of Barcelona Spain, has nailed his impersonation of Michael. Sergio started impersonating Jackson when he was a boy, and he has been doing it ever since. Cortes lives in Brazil now, and he is considered a celebrity for continuing to bring Michael’s consciousness back to life on stage.
The difference between Sergio and the other MJ impersonators is Cortes looks just like Michael. His mannerisms, his voice and his dance moves makes audiences go crazy. When Sergio performs cuts from the “thriller Album” people want more. Cortes becomes Michael Jackson, and the audience feels it.
Cortes is in demand all over the world, because the world still loves “MJ.” In spite of all the issues that gave the media the ammunition it needed to keep Michael in the news for years, his fan base never died. In fact it got stronger thanks to all the full-time reporting which was not accurate, according to people close to Jackson. Sergio is able to present Jackson in the way he should be presented. He was and still is considered a creative genius that loved life and people.
Most impersonators have a few Twitter followers, but Cortes has more than 17,000 and the list is still growing. The reason for his popularity is a simple one. Sergio believes he is Michael Jackson on stage. Sergio Cortes disappears and Michael arrives with his white glove, white socks, black slip-on loafers and dynamic as well as unique voice. Cortes does an excellent job convincing audiences that he is Jackson, because he believes he is. Sergio actually lives as Michael for a couple of hours on stage, and the transformation is obvious.
Most people that friend Cortes on FaceBook say things like that really happen. The Sergio Cortes fans know that what he does and what he becomes on stage is real. Cortes is channeling Jackson through his moves and voice in some way while he performs. Audiences come away from feeling like Michael is still alive and well in the body of Sergio Cortes.


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What Makes Sergio Cortes Stand Out?

There are so many different impersonators in the world today, and numerous people in this industry join local clubs or have small shows to help build their name. Only some people can say they make a good income and a good living in this industry. The truth is that not many people can be great impersonators, and it takes a very special person to be good at being another celebrity or performer. Sergio Cortes is known for his amazing skills and how he beautifully brings to life MJ. Michael Jackson is a legend in music, but Sergio is known for his amazing work portraying and bringing Michael to life in his own little way.

What Makes Sergio Cortes Stand Out?

There are several things that a person can to help improve their chances on standing out as an impersonator. The goal is to be as best as you can be and to stand out. Sergio Cortes is unique because of one thing, he knows how to bring the music of Michael to life. Although he looks a lot like MJ, the best part about what he does is the fact that he helps bring Michael to life so well. He knows all about the world of entertaining and bringing people to the next level.

He grew up watching Michael Jackson constantly, and you will find that he has become quite successful on how he has been able to bring the the magic of Michael to life on stage every single time he hits the stage. Sergio is by far one of the most amazing performers on the stage because of how he handles the world of performing. As an amazing performer, he does the job so well and knows how to get people to listen and watch.

Sergio Cortes is by far one of the few impersonators who brings something new and different to the table. He is capable of standing out so well because of how he brings the character to life. As a singer and dancer, he does so well on singing just like Michael. When he hits the stage, he is amazing at using special effects at creating only the most beautiful shows possible. Sergio is quite exciting with what they offer, and you will find that he definitely knows what he is doing. Sergio is truly a unique performer that you need to watch if you love Michael Jackson.