Because Men Love Shoes Too

The fight over closet space is a common problem faced by many couples. We will often see the woman’s side of the closet overflowing with clothes and even more italian shoes. Advertisements are constantly displaying different sales on shoes for women. Pinterest boards are full of the many possibilities that woman can achieve through shoe fashion. It can often seem as though keeping up with the latest shoes is a hobby only shared by women. However, that is far from the case because men love shoes too!

Paul Evans helps debunk the myth that shoes are a passion shared mostly among woman. Evans was frustrated with the way that shoes were currently being done for men so he sought out to provide a solution on his own. He had a problem with the fact that men who know shoes done well were limited to what was offered in the brick-and-mortar world. As a result he began developing shoes with the highest quality that would be delivered directly to the customer. This business model allows for men to purchase quality shoes without the use of a middle man which allows for a more reasonable price. Paul Evans italian shoes are made out of the finest calfskin italian leather which he had to negotiate the price to prevent overly priced shoes.Evans is very aware that men love shoes, his shoes offer men quality and affordability which are both important to him.

Paul Evans is right on track when it comes to the current shoe trends for men. Today men are going for shoes that are durable and can go with multiple outfits. We can even see a trend in men wearing winter boots. Men shoes are now including riskier materials that range from bright colors, leopard print, to materials such as fur. No longer are men just wearing that one lucky pair of shoes. And no longer are designers overlooking the fact that men love shoes too! So ladies move over your shoes and make way for your man’s shoes because mens fashion trends in shoes is on the rise and show no sign of slowing down.