The Best Online Marketers

There are many marketing firms all dedicated towards helping you advertise your business. One of the best there is White Shark Media. They are a digital online marketing agency, which offers marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

It was founded in 2011 by 3 Danish entrepreneurs, with a goal to conquer the US and Latin American market. They currently have over one hundred employees in 3 countries. The company partnered with Google and was awarded the Google AdWords premier SMB partnership. Microsoft also allied with them and White Shark Media is part of their Bing ads authorized reseller program.

Their reviews over time

The best way to know how efficient your services are, is by checking your client reviews regularly. Since the company begun, there have been many reviews given with about three quarter of them being positive.

The companies they have been working with have reported increased sales of up to 50%, with the number of prospective clients also increasing. There is also a feeling of trust, with companies being totally secure once they let White Shark Media, take on their online campaigns.

This can be seen in the reviews given by different companies. Alexander H. Lostocco of Lucky Premium Treats said that, ‘the white shark team is doing and outstanding job managing our account’. Elsewhere Mark Reynolds of Ruffins Pet Center said that, ‘Partnering with white shark media was one of the smartest business decisions I have made’.

How They Handle Customer Complaints

In most cases, compliments tend to go hand in hand with complaints. The way you handle this complaints will determine the fate of your business. White Shark Media has a quick and unique way of handling any complaints.

In relation to the AdWords campaigns

The company makes sure that every customer is thoroughly informed to about their new campaign. Once the client knows how it works, it minimizes the possibility of them getting confused.

On Communication matters

As consultants, communication is one of the most important aspects of their business. They have improved on this by providing direct connections between you and your contact person. They provide an email and phone number, allowing you to reach them even if they are out of the office.

They also hold monthly online conference calls, allowing the contact person at the company to get in touch with the client and discuss the monthly results.

On Campaign quality

In case you already have an efficient campaign, instead of creating a new one, they improve on it to give you one that is more efficient.

Getting a contact person who you do not relate to with

In order to avoid you being teamed up with someone you do not understand, they ensure that a senior consultant is involved with you from the beginning. Even if you might be handed over to another consultant, the senior consultant is still available for any inquiries.
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White Shark Media is an online marketing company that was co-founded by Andrew Lolk, who’s also the CMO. White shark was started to help small business owners advertise their business. The white shark media helps the business owners concentrate on their jobs while they do the marketing bit of the enterprise. White shark media makes sure they offer top notch services to all their clients.


In every business, modifications have to be done once for a while. In white shark media, they receive a lot of compliments from their customers but once in a while they receive pointers on where they should improve.


One of the areas that they have tried checking up on is their communication with their clients. To change this, White Shark Media have set status calls done monthly via GoTomeeting. With this, they can involve the customer more in their Adword accounts. White shark media has also created a system whereby the client can communicate with their contact person directly. It is seen to be effective because the customer can reach the contact person from wherever he or she (contact person) is.


White shark media always employ the best employees. In doing so, they avoid complaints from clients saying their contact person does not offer much help. The White Shark employees are expected to be fluent and can be able to relate to clients well. Most White Shark clients use their phones to make enquiries or communicate with the agency. Therefore white shark has tried tracking their phones with the partnership with Marchex. By doing so, the company can reach the client via their phones wherever they are.


White shark media clients always send feedback on how they want to keep track of their Adwords account progress. The agency has responded to this feedback by enabling free Google analytics, call tracking as well as conversion tracking. In this way, the customer can view his Adword account progress.


The primary work of the white shark media is to provide campaign ground for small and medium business owners. And with that, most of the owners want the campaign to bring the best result.


At white shark media, they receive several feedbacks. One of the most disappointing is that new campaigns don’t make much success like the old campaigns. At this, White Shark manages both campaigns, old and new, while assessing which campaign strategies bring more progress. It is their intention to use the most effective tool.


The clients have been satisfied by the response of the agency to most of their feedback. With many clients through platforms like Facebook recommend the company to others hence showing their new strategies are working.

The Importance of Great Wikipedia Business Page Creation

You may know Wikipedia as the world’s largest and most used online encyclopedia. Unlike other large publishers, it does not maintain a staff of writers to create posts. It is an open site – available to be used and leveraged by those smart enough to invest in quality material about their business or personal brand. But why is it important to create a Wikipedia page?

Firstly, you can validate your business and add trust in peoples’ minds. It adds legitimacy when someone can search for you in Google and find you right away with your own unique page. You also have a chance to tell the story you want. You can control the reputation of your brand with your own Wikipedia page. In addition to a positive image, it can also increase your sales. 

Imagine if your brand was available to every single person on earth with an internet connection. Luckily, with Wikipedia that is possible. It will also increase your visibility in the organic search rankings on large sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Have you ever noticed how often Wikipedia pages land at the top of search results? Imagine your brand being right there in the prime online real estate.

Of course, to enjoy these benefits you need to adhere to certain guidelines. Wikipedia has rules that you need to follow to avoid being flagged for misconduct. If you are caught doing something against the rules on your Wikipedia page, your page could be marked negatively or even removed. This would prevent your ability to reach more people and negatively affect your reputation. 

The core guidelines are: Make sure you have some articles written about your brand, create your own Wikipedia account, and link to the good articles from your Wikipedia page. A good article is a trade magazine, for example. Unless you have a giant brand like Google or Amazon, you shouldn’t link to your business website’s article as a proof of a claim, as Wikipedia will not deem it credible.

If you think it sounds complicated, don’t worry. Amateurs will find this difficult, which is to be expected. What you really want to make a Wikipedia page that’s going to be impactful is an expert or group of experts to help you. They can make your business appear professional while also avoiding any penalties from Wikipedia. 

Wondering where to get help with your Wikipedia page? Have no fear: is a source of experienced and knowledgeable Wikipedia writers for hire. They can take away the headache of making the page yourself, and provide unlimited opportunities and benefits for your business or personal online presence.