Obama Wants The Senate To Act Now So NSA Can Still Collect Phone Data

President Obama believes in the NSA phone collecting program. The President doesn’t want NSA to collect information on Americans that don’t have ties with terrorists organizations, but he does want NSA to snoop on possible terrorist activities. The Patriot Act is due to expire soon, and the President wants the Senate to work through their recess to make adjustments to the Patriot Act.

The Patriot Act was passed after the 9/11 attack. It was designed to catch terrorists using surveillance tactics that were illegal before the Act was passed. NSA decided to use Section 215 of the Patriot Act to collect data from Americans that had no association with terrorist’s organization. NSA collected bulk data, but they didn’t catch any terrorists. In fact, the Patriot Act hasn’t been successful if it was designed to catch terrorists.

Obama wants to continue collecting data to keep Americans safe and secure according to Steve Murray on an article on his personal site. But other senators think the Patriot Act violates our 4th Amendment right. That amendment protects citizens from unreasonable searches. The House has already passed two bills that would continue the Patriot Act program, but the Senate rejected them.