Saudi Prince to Set up Foundation to Give Away His Fortune

There are numerous international charities that fund a variety of causes to benefit humanity. These can include education, economic development, health and basic humanitarian aid. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one prominent one that comes to mind, but there are thankfully many more out there doing good around the globe particularly for those in the developing world who really need the help. According to a recent report out of Saudi Arabia these charities are about to grow by one.

A Saudi prince with a fortune worth over $32 billion has said he plans to give it all away. This will be done in a structured manner, of course, through the setting up of a foundation much along the lines of the aforementioned Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The foundation would give to charitable organizations that are working to provide disaster relief, eradicate disease and advance women’s rights. Brad Reifler understands that, given that this is a Saudi prince, from a cultural perspective, that last one certainly is considered to be a big surprise. Women are second class citizens in Saudi Arabia, so one wonders if that aspect of his planned foundation sits well with his fellow countrymen. He is apparently a bit of a maverick for a Saudi Arabian prince and good for him to be giving the money away in the first place and to provide it for the causes he has outlined.

Social Security Administration Paid $47 Million in Benefits to the Deceased

The most recent audit from the Social Security Administration’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that nearly $47 million was paid out to qualified social security recipients after they were dead. Also, the majority of the money paid out was from the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) benefit. On average, recipients of this benefit received 1,182.24 a month. It bears mentioning that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has stringent rules governing who qualifies for a disability. In general, people who earn that benefit are largely unable to take care of themselves in the performance of activities of daily living (ADLs). These are bathing, dressing, continence, eating, and walking. So it is common for a trusted person to manage OASDI payments for a recipient.

In most cases, the payments were going to people legally acting on behalf of a qualified recipient. That’s how Brian Bonar read it to be. What occurred is the persons acting on their behalf passed away, but a new person was not designated to take their place. This caused payments to go to a deceased person. The other block of payments were sent to deceased people who had previously qualified to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). All things considered, the OIG audit did not determine that fraud was a motive in the majority of instances. Despite the results of the audit, SSA counselor Frank Cristaudo insisted the organization tasked with managing the nation’s largest entitlement program is committed to ensuring timely and accurate payments. He also stated the administration is revising its handling of death report processing. The data will also be fed into their Numident (Number Identification) system.

Report Accuses Five ISPs of Deliberately Slowing Data Traffic

Five of the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United States have been accused of intentionally slowing down Internet access to some web sites., a consortium of activist groups that are dedicated to an open and free Internet, launched The Internet Health Test website last month. The site encouraged visitor to run a one-minute data test that would allow the IHT to determine whether or not ISPs are intentionally slowing data speeds.

According to findings released this week, the practice in widespread among the top five U.S. ISPs. The study accuses the ISPs of deliberating interfering with traffic that is routed through some Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) These CDN’s serve as the high-speed conduit between the web sites and the customer. The report claims Verizon, Comcast and AT&T are among the ISPs interfering with the traffic, in part due to the ISPs feeling that they should be getting paid by the CDNs for their high-speed access.

In one example from the report, Time Warner delivered an average download speed from one CDN of 17.6 Mps during peak hours. At the same time, Comcast customers such as Adam Sender were getting average download speeds of less than 2 Mps.

These interference with CDN traffic was at the heart of the dispute between Netflix and some ISPs last year. Netflix argued the practice went against the idea of net neutrality. ISPs such as Comcast argued that it was just taking legal measures to optimize traffic during peak hours.

Internet users can test their own connection at the Internet Health Test web site.

The Vote on the Pole

The Confederate flag is a symbol of a racially divided America in which states tried to secede from the union. While the era of the Confederacy is over, the Confederate flag still flies high in some states. Menu find the flag to be a symbol of American history while others find it hard to forget about America’s dark past if the flag still flies. Not only does the flag still fly high but some states turnout official license plates and other merchandise that brandish the Confederate flag. This past Thursday the Supreme Court ruled that the state of Texas has the authority to reject Confederate battle flag design that motorist’s want featured on license plates. The Supreme Court justices decided in a 5 – 4 decision that license plates are government designs and do not constitute private speech said Kevin Seawright. This issue was initially brought up by the Sons of Confederate Veterans, a group of men who proudly fly the Confederate flag. The group wanted to honor the souls of the soldiers who fought for the Confederacy during the American Civil War. If the state of Texas rejected the Confederate flag design, the group felt like it violated its right to free speech. The Supreme Court decided that private speech is in an issue but government officiated license plates are. The government cannot dole out license plates that would offer a discriminatory tone two passing motorists. Texas Department of Motor Vehicles board will allow individuals to create and pay for a special design for license plate. This has been used as a tool to bring in revenue but the board specifically noted that they will reject the application if the design is offensive to members of the public. The group is allowed to believe and support whatever they want, but the government does not have to get involved in products or production of that support.

Is Time Machine Classified Ad the Real Deal?

An unknown woman in Devon, UK claims to have built a working time machine. She posted an advertisement in the local classified ads section called “Time & Travel Partners” explaining that she has already used the machine successfully on mice and needs a person who has a good sense of humor and an open mind to take the trip with her. She also has a website devoted to the event.

Keith Mann has learned that, so far, the media has not been able to get an interview with her, but she has already chosen a companion from thousands of applicants.

Is this event some sort of business or entertainment promotional stunt or a hoax? The “plot” sounds a lot like the 2012 film Safety Not Guaranteed in which a man posts an ad because he’s seeking a time-traveling expedition companion after he previously traveled through time once on his own. It also feels like a video game or film release stunt, which wouldn’t be surprising given the E3 video game announcements earlier this month and the summer blockbuster season.

Some people believe the woman is just looking for a date. Her ad mentions that whoever she picks should be a driver because they will need to go to an area “like a beach” to use the machine.

Whatever the case, the world will find out by Friday night when she plans to reveal proof that it works.

Preserving Life

A recent report released by Amnesty International USA noted that every single state in the United States of America failed to comply when it came to standards on using lethal force by law enforcement officers and authority. The report also stated that 13 of the 50 United States stood below legal standards that are held in the Constitution and 9 of those states don’t even have laws that address the issue of excessive force. Folks at Boraie Development LLC know that the debate over police violence has been at an all-time high in the past 11 months. Mainstream media would have people believe that these incidents are mainly based on racial plights. In hindsight, these incidents are raising awareness that would indicate that the American justice and authoritative system needs a complete overhaul. The executive director of Amnesty USA found the data shocking and noted that there was a clear lack of respect for human life. Officers in law enforcement are given certain extensions to use lethal force but they are held to no obligation to preserve or respect human life. It is unnerving to know that these flawed human beings have an extraordinary amount of power but don’t have the same responsibilities in showing even the least bit of restraint. The data taken by the research company will be used in order to mandate and revamp the authoritative American justice system. Researchers are hoping that their efforts will force a much needed change.