Getting Back The Corrupt-Free Election

End Citizen United, a political action committee was founded with the aim of bringing reforms to the US campaign finance system. Since the Supreme Court decision in 2010, some corporations and billionaire spend massive amounts of money to buy elections. There is a lack of transparency and accountability; however, End Citizen United which was founded and is funded by grassroots donors, are ready to fight the kinds of Koch Brothers so that there will be no more corruption in the electoral system.

End Citizen United work to overturn Citizen United and end dark unlimited money by raising the issue of money in politics, so it becomes a national priority, electing reforms candidates and using grassroots to show political power on the issue.
Democrats are leading in fighting the Citizen United, and the committee thinks they will make great leaders on In the 2016 election, the End Citizen United gave their full support to the Democrats; the Republicans, on the other hand, were standing with the Supreme Court with the decision that caused the US a corruption-free election.

End Citizen United planned to raise at least twenty-five million dollars to support Democratic candidates on Facebook; they formed an expenditure arm to support the candidates financially through polling, television ads, and direct mailing. By August 2015, End Citizen United had three hundred and twenty-five thousands of supporters, and the number was expected to go up because of their partnership with Ready for Hillary which had over four million supporters.

End Citizen United endorsed many Democratic candidates; in August 2015 alone former Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin were among the fifteen candidates signed. The Communication Director Richard Carbo said that End Citizen United is not like any other PAC because they are focusing on supporting candidates who are in support of the reforms and want to fight against Citizen United and those shady organizations on

John Wonderlich, a director at Sunlight Foundation, said that the battle of constitution amendment is a hard one for those who are advocating for it, especially since America has not had another amendment since the one done in 1992. Rick Hasen, an expert in campaign finance regulation, thought it would be easier to confirm a new Supreme Court Justice instead depending on the candidates that would be chosen. However, Hasen said having End Citizen United keep the public aware of what is happening in the political world and keep the Supreme Court and Politicians on toes.

End Citizen United hopes to make the campaign finance reforms even in local level; they want a constitution amendment so they can be able to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. They know if the decision is reversed the US will always have a transparent election that will not be influenced by the people who just want to balance political power to their favor.

A Coalition of Iraqi Forces Combines to Retake Ramadi

In a bid to turn back the tide of recent gains by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), Iraq has announced a major counter-attack to seize control of Ramadi once more. The ground forces consist of Iraqi regular army troops, and Shiite & Sunni militias. The forces have combined to establish a threefold frontal attack on ISIS soldiers which have now surrounded the city. In addition, the Iraqi government claims to have deployed new weapons which will all them to seize the initiative against ISIS.

News of the counter-attack comes only days after President Obama has been taking a lot of criticism from GOP lawmakers over the lack of air support he provided Iraq in the defense of Ramadi. Military analysts have pointed out that is it much harder to retake a city than it is to defend it. Still, the president insists that it is Iraq’s job to defend itself against insurgents. The new coalition is certainly proof that Iraq may be better coordinating its available internal resources to thwart ISIS. In the past, the concern with reaching out to Shiite militias has been their ties to Iran, which would allow the world’s lone terrorist sponsoring state to exert more influence in Iraqi affairs. At this point, there may not be much choice for Iraq, at least in the eyes of Sergio Cortes. The US is reluctant to recommit ground forces. Short of that, the country has to unify against a common enemy or face being overrun by them.

Cruz and Republicans on the Wrong Side of History

While it is always good to take a stand on issues…especially when you are a 2016 Presidential Candidate it may not be in your long term best interests to go against a growing popularity. For instance, when people were for segregation…and it was deemed unconstitutional, who did the country vilify…The people that were fighting the hardest to keep it in place. Now, advance the timeline by 50 to 60 years and what is the modern day segregation argument… LGBT rights. While many can understand those who want to protect their religious rights and freedoms, but people can also understand the concepts of fair and equal treatment under the law. To deny rights granted to one party while granting them to another is unconstitutional and the basis for overturning state laws outlawing gay marriage.

The Republican Party has been considered the more evangelical of the two party system sense segregation was overturned. Marcio Alaor BMG pretty much agrees with that. But that does not mean they should allow themselves and candidates like Ted Cruz to be on the wrong side of another civil rights issue. They must put forward candidates that will lead them and their views in a way that the majority of citizens can support. It is okay to be Christian; it is okay to be gay. Just because one wants fair and equal treatment does not change nor does it diminish what they other believes or practices. To say that it does and deny the rights of others only works to diminish your own beliefs.