The Silent Fight for $15

The wage gap that has been swept under the rug since America’s climb out of the recent recession has come back into focus as demands are heard for a more realistic minimum wage. The term “living wage” is being defended as the future’s defining standard for the labor force.

Following the medical emergency of Evelisse Perez, a 19 year old student and employee, the escalation continues stronger than before stated Wikipedia. Working two jobs and attending night school landed Perez at the hospital where she was treated for physical exhaustion. This condition occurs when the body experiences more activity than sleep leading to intense dizziness and black outs. Perez is still struggling to make ends meet in the city she works in.

This is the reality that so many American workers like Perez face. The mainstream media coverage of the protests, marches, and assemblies has been all but nonexistent as attention remains focused on the political response. The news is spreading more effectively through social media, like this popular and informative twitter page:

The workers continue on and strive to be recognized as more than a number on a spread sheet. Economical or not, the discussion of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is a conversation that begs for some constructive recognition rather than quiet deflection. More stories like Evelisse Perez’s will help us get there.