Superior Court Asked To Rule On Insurance Claim By Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson and the fellow members of his Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment LLC consortium may be remembered as the owners of the franchise over a decade that saw the team rise from the bottom to the very top of the regular season standings in the NBA, but following the sale of the franchise in 2015 Levenson himself has been working on his philanthropic career. The career as an NBA owner of Bruce Levenson may have ended but an unpaid insurance claim with the AIG company is keeping his links to the Hawks alive as his legal team begins a breach of contract case against the insurance company they hope will end successfully for the former NBA owners.

Papers filed by the legal team of Bruce Levenson ( show the insurance giant initially agreed to pay out on the claim brought about because of the mutual termination of the contract of former Hawks General Manager Danny Ferry. The termination of the multi million dollar contract signed by Ferry in 2012 was announced in the days leading up to the announcement of the sale of the Hawks franchise in June 2015; over a year later Bruce Levenson and his fellow consortium members have decided to bring a breach of contract case against AIG as they have failed to respond to questions about the claim since Tony Ressler’s group purchased the NBA franchise.

UCG founder Bruce Levenson has recently taken a step back from his business and sporting interests to take a more global approach to his philanthropic activities. According to Time Magazine, Levenson’s funding of a nonprofit management program at The University of Maryland has allowed students to venture to areas of Asia and Africa to achieve more than ever before on a larger scale; Levenson has developed links to many different global groups, including the Seeds of Peace group.