Chainsmokers Build More Followers While Releasing New Music Astounding Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

Some might say that if you are in the electronic field of music such as a DJ or producing electronic music, that you really aren’t even an artist or band. This was put to rest when Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart broke the mold and started the Chainsmokers.

Before the duo knew each other, they both shared separate lives and separate passions. Andrew was living in Maine and was attending school. Alex was living in NYC and spending much of his time in the clubs DJ-ing. While Alex knew that he wanted to be in the music industry doing something around the electronic music field, he also wanted more than just a DJ position. Andrew wanted to be in the music industry but did not share the same passions as Alex until after they met and spoke about what they wanted to do.

Alex Pall was introduced to Andrew Taggart when the manager set up a meeting between the two of them. It wasn’t until after the pair sat down and spoke that they realized that the friendship would be one that would keep them motivated and releasing new music over time. Once the pair met and Andrew had to return to Maine, it was then that the decision was made to drop school and everything in Maine to move to NYC. From that moment on, nothing has been simple for the group.

The Chainsmokers have been lucky enough to climb the charts and retain at the top of the charts. Not many groups of bands have been lucky enough to do just that. Many of them will climb to the top for a single or two and then start the decline back down. As soon as each single was released under the Chainsmokers label, they continued to stay on top. Single after single was released and there was never a moment that the duo had which indicated that they would start to see a decline in sales or followers. In fact, it was quite the opposite. They continued to remain on top of the charts and continued to see more fans showing up at shows or meet and greets. The success they felt was like nothing that the duo thought they would see so early on.

Desiree Perez Is Helping To Revitalize JAY Z’s Online Streaming Service Tidal

If you are an avid internet user then you were probably among the scores of people who tuned in with bated breath on their tablets and computers to watch the Tidal x 10/20 concert that was broadcast on the streaming service in October of 2015. The concert was jam packed with performances by musicians that are situated in a variety of genres. The acts included R&B newbies Alessia Cara and Justine Skye, rap newcomers Flatbush Zombies and Bas, country singer Thomas Rhett, indie rockers Indochine and rap titan Nicki Minaj. The concert also included performances by rap legend and Tidal-owner Jay-Z and his wife pop megastar Beyoncé.

The concert seemed to be the launch of a kind of period of revitalization for the online streaming service. While Tidal has tended to lag behind other players in the streaming service space like competitors Apple Music and Spotify, Jay-Z’s ability to attract the participation of contemporary music’s biggest names seems to be paying off. The year 2016 has seen the release of albums by some of the largest names in the music industry including ANTI by the uber-stylish pop star Rihanna, The Life of Pablo by avant-garde and outspoken rapper Kanye West and Lemonade by the ever-evolving pop music force Beyoncé.

Notably when Beyoncé released the streaming version of her most recent album exclusively on Tidal the platform acquired more than one million subscribers during the first seven days of the album’s release, according to music website Pitchfork. But the Carters are not the only forces behind the revitalization of the streaming service. According to HITS Daily Double Desiree Perez, one of Jay-Z’s business advisors and long time associates, also has a lot to do with helping to turn the streaming service around. The site reports that Perez and her spouse have helped run other businesses that Jay-Z owns such as SC Enterprises and Roc Nation Sports. With the shifts that have been occurring in Tidal’s senior leadership, HITS Daily Double credits Perez with managing the slate of high profile exclusive album releases that Tidal has scored by Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kanye West. Perez has also been said to be behind helping bring Beyoncé’s 2016 Formation World Tour to fruition. Perez is also behind a deal negotiated between Samsung and pop star Rihanna. She is known for being a fierce and skilled negotiator and bean counter. Her skill at the negotiation table has earned her the moniker Babe Ruthless. 

Sergio Cortes Is Known As The Top Michael Jackson Performer In The World

Just like Elvis Presley and other celebrities that have moved on to another reality, Michael Jackson is being honored by impersonators all over the world. Impersonators never really project the full personality of a deceased musical giant in their performance, but some performers are close enough a “thumbs up.” There is a Las Vegas show honoring Michael Jackson and several films that depict the talent of the Michael Jackson. But none of the performances compare to the show that Sergio Cortes puts on when he takes the stage as Michael Jackson.
The Brazilian online magazine calls Sergio Cortes a musical genius for his impersonation of Jackson. Cortes, a 44-year-old native of Barcelona Spain, has nailed his impersonation of Michael. Sergio started impersonating Jackson when he was a boy, and he has been doing it ever since. Cortes lives in Brazil now, and he is considered a celebrity for continuing to bring Michael’s consciousness back to life on stage.
The difference between Sergio and the other MJ impersonators is Cortes looks just like Michael. His mannerisms, his voice and his dance moves makes audiences go crazy. When Sergio performs cuts from the “thriller Album” people want more. Cortes becomes Michael Jackson, and the audience feels it.
Cortes is in demand all over the world, because the world still loves “MJ.” In spite of all the issues that gave the media the ammunition it needed to keep Michael in the news for years, his fan base never died. In fact it got stronger thanks to all the full-time reporting which was not accurate, according to people close to Jackson. Sergio is able to present Jackson in the way he should be presented. He was and still is considered a creative genius that loved life and people.
Most impersonators have a few Twitter followers, but Cortes has more than 17,000 and the list is still growing. The reason for his popularity is a simple one. Sergio believes he is Michael Jackson on stage. Sergio Cortes disappears and Michael arrives with his white glove, white socks, black slip-on loafers and dynamic as well as unique voice. Cortes does an excellent job convincing audiences that he is Jackson, because he believes he is. Sergio actually lives as Michael for a couple of hours on stage, and the transformation is obvious.
Most people that friend Cortes on FaceBook say things like that really happen. The Sergio Cortes fans know that what he does and what he becomes on stage is real. Cortes is channeling Jackson through his moves and voice in some way while he performs. Audiences come away from feeling like Michael is still alive and well in the body of Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes Can Feel Great About His Work As An Impersonator

When Sergio Cortes was just a boy he started dancing like Michael Jackson. He wasn’t much good at things back then, but he loved the singer and he had fun with it. Nowadays, Sergio Cortes is a true impersonator of the man, and he has been labeled the best Michael Jackson impersonator by some. People can tell that he has put a lot of time and effort into doing things right when they see how he is impersonating the man, and they like that. They appreciate the fact that Sergio Cortes is taking things so seriously.
Everyone who wants to succeed in their career is going to have to do everything that they can to be doing things right each day, and that is something that Sergio Cortes realized long ago. So, he has put long hours into getting the moves that Michael Jackson made memorized. He has worked hard toward all of that, and he has even changed his look to be like that of the man. He’s put his everything into becoming a great Michael Jackson impersonator, and because of that, people have come to love him.
Sergio Cortes is getting all of the attention that he deserves for working so hard to become a great Michael Jackson impersonator. He’s become a man who is widely respected and well known, and he can feel proud of himself for pushing himself to make things happen. If it had not been for all of the hard work that he put in, and for all of the things that he sacrificed to make this happen, then people would not be respecting him like they are today. People would not regard him as the best Michael Jackson impersonator, and they would not be looking up to him for the way that he has done things.
Sergio Cortes should feel good about the things that he has done and the work ethic that he has always had. He started loving Michael Jackson when he was just a child, and he has done all that he could since then to make sure that he is respecting the man.