The Rally Racer: Rodrigo Terpins

Having grown up in a sporting family, Rodrigo and his family have a passion for sports. For each member their passion is also their career. Rodrigo’s father, Jack Terpins, was a successful basketball player and a respected man in the Latin community. His families success drove him to become a professional racer at a young age, and landed him in the position as one of the best rally drivers in the Brazilian off-road championships. Rodrigo races for the tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, and has the added bonus of racing along side his brother, Michel. The T1 prototype category has always been Rodrigo‚Äôs favorite ever since he has joined Rally racing, and recently competed in the 22nd Sertoes Rally championship in which they covered 2,600km through two states and 7 diverse courses that are specifically designed to test the ability to be dynamic as well as mental and physical agility of the competitors.

Although he didn’t take home the first place trophy, he did finish third out of thirty eight drivers and ranked 8th overall. With wins like that there is nothing stopping this Rally driver and family man, while he is thrilled at where his career is now he knows there is still a lot more to be done. He recently missed the Uesta Off-road rally, but he has made it aware to his fans that he will not miss that next one and is even preparing for it. There is no doubt that he and his brother will dominate, and with a team like that the sky really is the limit for Rodrigo. His hard work and perseverance has helped him win many racing championships, and has helped him grow his fan base to some very loyal followers becoming a household name in the off-road rally championships all over Brazil. Check out Terra to know more.

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