Brad Reifler to Open up the Field for the 99%

Brad Reifler began his financial career in 1982 and has successfully grown and developed firms since then. As the Occupy Wall Street movement swept the country and revealed the gaps between the haves and the have-nots, Reifler noticed. As the founder of the Forefront Group, he has unique insight into the boutique market of investing and has decided to make some changes in the ways people invest.

As originally reported in Reuters, Brad Reifler is looking to correct some perceived financial injustices and economic inequalities by providing access to financial markets for the 99% instead of just the top 1 percenters. His previous work focused solely on qualified, or what he referred to as “accredited”, investors. A target customer on that list would potentially be worth more than a million dollars and/or have a salary of greater than $200,000.

To accomplish this task, Reifller “created Forefront Income Trust”. With this new trust, the 99 percenters have the option of investing for significantly less than 1% elite. A minimum of $2,500 would enable one to buy in to the new trust. The new program also claims to provide an 8 percent return on investment.

Reifler’s new trust is designed to be a safe financial plan providing options, understanding, and financial well-being for the common middle class investor, as evidenced by his Reuters piece.