Susan McGalla Makes Marketing Look Easy

I am a marketing major, and I know that marketing is a difficult task. I have stayed up nights trying to figure out how to advertise a product or service for a class. It has been through my research of executives in the marketing world that I discovered Susan McGalla. She makes the process of marketing look easy, and I don’t know how she has managed to keep it all together as a businesswoman with a family. She is a woman that has excelled greatly in a male-dominated culture, and I really admire her tenacity.

As someone that is entering the world of marketing it is always refreshing to encounter someone that has been able to penetrate the corporate barriers that tend to bind some people. I know that everyone isn’t going to come out of college and become the CEO of an organization. Everyone isn’t going to rise as a marketing genius. These are things that I know. I know that there is a different type of work ethic that McGalla has. She has been able to build herself up as a leader with strong branding experience.

She has earned her right in the corporate world as an expert. I know that she has built a company that is dedicated to helping people acquire what they need to build the right brand. I don’t know if there is anything better than being able to gain experience and then turn around and use this experience to your benefit as you start your own business. This is what McGalla has been able to do. She started her own business after she sharpened her brand building skills with corporations like American Eagle and Wet Seal. This ablity to drive consumer demand and actually make them want what a company is selling is powerful. This is why I wanted to endeavor into the marketing arena myself. I wanted to be able to truly build brands and promote products it my own ideas. There are tons of people that have good ideas that never reach the light of day. I felt convicted about all the good ideas I had for promoting products and I had to put my potential to some use. That is why I chose this field of marketing for my pursuit of higher education.

Getting the degree is that one thing that Susan McGalla had been quite vocal on in lectures. She recommends this to anyone that is trying to make a name for themselves in the corporate world. Your ideas may be great, but it will be difficult to get into the place where you can develop a brand without the right educational background. That is what I have received from her, and I have been very impressed with her advice. She has certainly been able to reach for the stars since she graduated from college. I believe that she is capable of taking any brand and developing it well. She has become a real treasure to the marketing industry.

Grey Matter in the Brain is Found to Increase Moral Reasoning Skills

Morality has been an issue that has perplexed humans for thousands of years. Even modern day philosophers are still debating about what morality really is, what purpose it serves, and why it varies so greatly from person to person. Now researchers can study these questions by using amazing brain imaging technology that can give a glimpse into the brain activities involved in moral reasoning. According to researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania individuals who have more gray matter in their brain also have increased moral reasoning skills.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, explored the regions of the brain that have been linked to moral reasoning and found that when those areas had higher concentrations of gray matter individual showed better moral reasoning skills. Steve Murray explains that the experiment involved a sample of young MBA students who were asked to participate in a number of tasks which involved moral reasoning.

Since moral reasoning is thought to take place mostly in our prefrontal cortex, researchers wanted to examine the brain activities in this particular region while participants were exposed to moral dilemmas. Since gray matter was found to be a significant link to moral reasoning, this could suggest better brain development is key to increasing moral awareness, something that is constructed by a wide variety of factors.

Ant Toilets

Ants are one of the most mysterious creatures on earth. One of the most obvious reasons simply comes down to how small they are. We often don’t notice them, but there’s a vast number of ants in almost every environment. But a more significant issue is how many complex behaviors they can display.

The average ant is astonishingly dumb. There’s really almost nothing going on within an ant’s neuronal structure. But what’s amazing is that while an ant is stupid, multiple ants have some of the most complex behaviors in the insect kingdom. Researchers at Amen Clinic have seen them conducting wars, farming plants, and even keeping other insects around as a sort of cattle. Amazingly, we’re still finding more complex behaviors within ant colonies. The most recent example of this comes from Tomer J. Czaczkes. The biologist, from the University of Regensburg, was curious about seemingly random black spots within a specific colony of ants.

After a period of testing and observation, it became clear that it was the first example of an indoor toilet for ants. Ants are usually very clean. For example, they’ll remove the corpses of dead ants from a colony. So it’s a mystery why these particular ants are fine with having specific sections of the colony set apart for defecation.

However, researchers have some ideas about the purpose of the indoor toilets. One theory is that it’s used precisely because of the smell. If an ant smells like the colony’s toilet, it’d be an easy way of identifying ants from different colonies.

Veitch’s Vision Brings New Life to Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch became the 15th president of Occidental College on July 1st, 2009. Like Occidental College, Veitch is a product of Los Angeles, where he was born on January 31st, 1959. Veitch’s pursuit of a career in education is surprising in view of his family background in Hollywood’s entertainment industry: his father, John Veitch, was president of Columbia Pictures’ worldwide productions and his step-grandfather was actor Alan Ladd.

After attending Loyola High School in southern California, Veitch earned his bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from Stanford University. He then went on to earn a doctoral degree from Harvard University, in History of American Civilization. Veitch’s academic specialties are in 19th and 20th century American cultural history, literature, and film.

His career in academia began at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he taught in the English department. Next he joined The New School in New York as an associate professor of literature and history, where he served stints as the chair of humanities and as an associate provost. This was followed by a five-year term as dean, during which he expanded The New School’s Eugene Lang College. Under his guidance Lang experienced substantial growth of both its faculty and its student body, and new connections were forged with social services and arts organizations.

In 1997 the University of Wisconsin Press published Veitch’s award-winning book, American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s. Veitch’s book revived interest in the novels of West, especially his dark portrayal of 1930s Hollywood entitled The Day of the Locust. Since then, Veitch has turned his attention to researching the history of higher learning in the United States. Whether he plans to publish a book on that subject is as yet unknown.

Veitch announced before taking up his current position as president of Occidental that his vision for the college would be to get it more involved with the community. Engagement programs include tutoring of students in area high schools and getting produce from local farms into the cafeterias of regional schools. Occidental has thrived under Veitch’s leadership, with applications for freshman admission up to a new high of around 6000 applications for 550 openings.

North American Spine Receives an Ethics Award Nomination

The chronic back and neck pain specialists at North American Spine have been nominated for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award, PR Newswire first reported. The lower back and neck pain specialist has been nominated because of the high quality of their work and their attempts to provide the best care and experience available for those seeking the assistance of these specialist physicians.

The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award has been in existence since 2000, with a wide variety of recipients who include Brinker International and The Container Store. North American Spine is one of the best known medical companies in Dallas, Texas because of their commitment to their patients and the community programs operated by the medical group. North American Spine has grown in popularity after becoming the sole provider of an innovative medical procedure known as AccuraScope, which has been proven in various studies to have a success rate of over 80 percent.

North American Spine uses the latest technology to reduce the invasiveness of the procedure compared to traditional minimally invasive lower back and neck procedures. Alongside the more than 80 percent success rate 95 percent of those who have used the services of North American Spine would recommend them to others. The awards ceremony will be held at Westlin Galleria Dallas on May 7, 2015.

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