Lime Crime’s Bold New Color Palette


You’ve probably heard of the online based cosmetics company, Lime Crime at one point or another. They certainly stand out in a crowd and are much different from the rest of the cosmetic industry. Created by Doe Deere, this line includes the most unique and vibrant shades of lip and eye colors, plus more. Words cannot describe the beauty and creativity that Lime Crime cosmetic products possess- they are simply irreplaceable. Two of the most popular products in the line just got a makeover, and your going to want to hear about the addition to her fabulous line of make-up, Lime Crime.

If you’ve searched their site you’ve likely seen their Metallic Velvetines. Doe has added some precious new shades of pink and purple that scream feminine with a side of spunk. They are metallic, with a slight velvet finish, as the title describes. These lip colors were an overnight success due to the uniqueness of the color paired with the ability to wear all day long.


The other product you won’t find elsewhere is the Superfoils line of eyeshadows. These are activated by water to look much bolder and brighter but can be worn dry as well. She has added beautiful shades of olive and rose gold with hints of gold sparkle for the fall season. In addition, she’s added some mauve, which is the color to have this season, with cocoa brown. These are the perfect shades for the coming colder weather.


Doe Deere found her success being solely based online, at retailers like Doll’s Kill, and by providing cosmetics that are environmentally friendly and animal-cruelty free. She prides herself on running an honest, hardworking company and is involved with much of the makeup creating herself. She uses inspiration from her fans and Instagram followers for new ideas on color and products. Lime Crime is great inspiration to be yourself, be bold and wear the colors you love without worrying. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you need to do so right away. Social media is the best place.  Check out what they’ve been doing on Twitter, as well as Doe’s Tumblr page.