Exploring the Kabbalah Centre During a Free Spirituality Event

The growth of new areas of spirituality has seen a major surge in the number of people who are hoping to spend their time exploring a mystical form of religion that can often be used alongside their own belief system. The Kabbalah Centre of Boca Raton, Florida has recently held a major festival celebrating the spirituality of the world where guests could explore the teachings of the Kabbalah and many other forms of spirituality, including Buddhism.

One of the reasons why the Kabbalah has become such a beloved form of spiritual teaching is the fact the scriptures used by the group have a history reported to date back to the dawn of humanity in the Garden of Eden; the traditions of Judaism explain the initial Kabbalah teachings were passed down through the first Patriarchs of the Jewish faith in an oral sense to keep them a secret from the majority of the followers of the faith.

Various attempts have been made to bring Kabbalah to the masses, but few have been successful until the establishment of The Kabbalah Centre by Rav. Philip Berg in the 1960s. The dream of berg and his family was to allow the people of the world to follow Kabbalah and learn to open their eyes and minds to the success that can be achieved in seeing the world as it is supposed to be lived by following the guidelines laid down in the ancient text of Zohar.

The Kabbalah Centre in of Boca Raton has been a major success with the growth of a more spiritual style of living being explored by many local residents who share a belief that a more spiritual way of living will assist in achieving a happier way of living life. The Spiritual Lifestyle expo of January 2017 was held in a bid to aid the local community with donations made during the event being given to The Distressed Women of Broward County and the Broward County Partnership. This is a single example of the dedication to community and extending the good works completed by members of The Kabbalah Centre to the communities in which they live.