Geoffrey Cone Offers Advice on Global Moves

As a global attorney, it is Geoffrey Cone’s job to make sure that people know what they are doing when they make a move to a different country. This is something that he has worked very hard to achieve and something that he has been able to do because of the way that he has made himself an expert on global moves.


There are many reasons that people may choose to leave the country that they are in. While some of them may simply want to try living in a different country, many of them do it for financial reasons. They either do it so that they can have a chance to make more money or so that they will be able to save money on the taxes that they are currently being required to pay for. There are many reasons that people move to different countries but these are the two most common reasons.


The majority of people who move to a different country for tax purposes move to countries that are called tax havens. These are countries that either have low taxes that are negligible or no taxes at all. When people who make a lot of money move to one of these countries, the burden of having to pay very high taxes just so that they can work is lifted from them. They no longer have to worry about what will happen if they make too much money or how they will be able to survive if they cannot make enough money.


Some people think that the right reason to move to a different country would involve a trip to New Zealand. This is not the case for people who are trying to save money on taxes. New Zealand, although commonly thought of as a tax haven, still requires its citizens to pay money on the money that they make, the things that they own and the things that they consume on a regular basis. It is similar to other developed countries in the rate of taxes that it requires its citizens to pay.


To further prove the fact that New Zealand is not a tax haven, Geoffrey Cone actually moved away from New Zealand. He knew that he would not be able to keep paying the amount of taxes that had been in different areas. He also knew that it was important to be able to save as much money as possible. For that reason, he found an actual tax haven and made the move to that location. It was a good idea because Geoffrey Cone is now able to save a lot of money that he is not paying in taxes on the money that he has made.