Securus Technologies, Powered By Their Wireless Containment Systems Can Make You Feel Safer

The murder of Kendarius Edwards Jr’s, a nine-month-old baby took the world by shock as this attempt of vengeance was completed by an incarcerated gang while they were behind impenetrable prison walls. Other such horrific incidents such as the attempted murder of Robert Johnson, were all orchestrated from within prison using a seemingly ordinary device that in reality turned out to be lethal when it fell in the wrong hands. Dozens of such cases have been reported for as long as we can recall; however, due to the joint efforts of Securus Technologies and Robert Johnson, our world might finally be free of crimes committed by incarcerated inmates who are in shackles.

Robert Johnson, a former corrections officer in South Carolina, is dedicated to using his own experience to keep civilians safe. He was attacked in the middle of the night within the walls of his home, where he was shot multiple times and had to undergo 23 painful surgeries while fighting for his life. Still carrying the wounds of these operations, he is determined to use the power of technology to improve public safety.

Between a span of 12 months, Securus Technologies has indeed proven that their Wireless Containment Systems are a plausible long-term solution. From July 2016 to July 2017, using the containment units that have been installed in eight prisons, over 1.7 million calls have been successfully barred from being completed. The number of successfully blocked illegal calls made using contraband mobiles phones is steadily increasing, which indicates, this useful technology should have been implemented from the very start.

Although Securus Technologies has spent well over $40 billion into the creation of the Wireless Containment Systems, this company is dedicated to its cause of helping you live in a wholesome way without continually being subdued by fear about inmates ordering hits from within the confines of prisons. These units are installed in 3 Florida based prisons along with a few others spread around the country; we hope that this number will soon increase.

Robert Johnson firmly believes that when standard methods to stop inmates from using cell phones from within prisons, are repeatedly failing, then the only way forward is to use technology and eradicate the problem from the root. Since these units can be installed in any prison and can block outgoing calls to unknown numbers as well as block any such incoming calls, we are leaning to believe that the facts stated by Robert Johnson are apt to this situation.

Additional facts that have made this technology interesting to numerous people including us are, calls made to 911, are allowed to complete while other calls are managed by Securus Technologies. Inmates in prisons that have installed these units think that they are latched on to their home network, while in reality, the calls are re-routed to Securus Technologies discreetly and promptly.



Why Securus Technologies is Helping Officers Maintain Order

Conditions inside the prison where I am stationed as a corrections officer have really suffered in recent years. The combination of drugs, gangs, weapons, and overcrowded conditions, have made it ripe for violence between inmates which is now spilling over to guests and officers. Our superiors have made it very clear that this violence needed to be contained and stopped before more innocent people are hurt. In our efforts to maintain order, we discovered other jails in the country were already making use of the services from Securus Technologies.


Here’s a little background information on Securus Technologies. The company has their main headquarters in Texas, they have over one thousand employees, and their inmate call monitoring system has already been successfully running in over 2,550 prison systems around the country. Knowing the CEO and all his employees are committed to making this world safe, we knew this was going to be a perfect fit for our facility. When my team was showed how the LBS software works in place of a dozen officers, we couldn’t wait to get back into the general population and allow the software to begin working.


With our entire crew of officers back on the front line and the software monitoring the inmate calls, we felt like we had in fact doubled out workforce. The system scans every call made from the inmates and will alert my team if conversations are detected that mention anything related to weapons, drugs, gangs, and contraband.


In a few days after the system was running in our jail, we were getting alerts that we were able to address in minutes. Instead of the situation unfolding and my team in reaction mode, we took out the element of danger and now we were able to safely deal with the inmates without risking our safety.


The Magic Bullet Of Securus — Video Visitation

There is this really innovative new technology out there that is helping everybody. Video visitation from Securus Technologies comes with a variety of benefits. Securus, if you don’t already know, is a telecommunications company. What makes them special is their customer base. The company provides telecommunications services exclusively to prison facilities. Securus customers are all inmates, the friends of those inmates, and the inmate’s families.


Video visitation really helps the families of inmates as well as law enforcement. The technology not only allows for virtual video visits between prisoners and their families, it also schedules the video visits. This allows security guards at the prison to refocus their attention away from scheduling and toward something more productive.


This video chat technology also allows a family to skip out on a long drive to visit their inmate. This saves the family a ton of money, but it also alleviates congestion at the prison facility. Making a physical visit requires you to park at the prison facility, go through security screening, and then wait in the waiting room for your prisoner. With over 2 million connections made through Securus video visitation technology, there are fewer people at the prison itself. This allows guards to focus on more important things and it frees up the physical visitation process for other families.


On top of all of this, video visitation lowers crime rates. Studies show that prisoners who stay connected to the outside world are less were likely to reoffend when released. This technology is saving our criminal justice system money, connecting families, alleviating congestion inside of prisons, allowing prison guards to focus on more important things, and it reduces crime rates.


This company, along with its innovative technology, needs to get more attention in the industry. That’s why Securus is currently doing an advertising blitz for this technological breakthrough.


Join The Securus Technologies Team And Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones

Securus is highly respected for being an inmate calling regulator that provides monitoring and surveillance to ensure the safety of the public. The Public Utility Commission ensures that Securus carries out this government mandate. The goal is to ensure that inmates are talking over a secure network that saves customers time and money. You don’t have to worry about a lengthy commute to a correctional facility if you live in a rural area. There are thousands of inmates and their families that trust and rely on the Securus network to keep them connect. Become a Securus team member today and save.


Securus Technologies has an interactive network that allows internet access for inmates, video calling features, and more. You can maximize your wallet and your calling features with Securus Technologies. They have a wide range of benefits for their valued customers that join their team through their website. They have partnered with premier video leaders Vimeo to offer their customers a high definition video that gives inmates and their families complete control. JPay Services has quickly joined the Securus team to take part in saving the customers time and money. Securus Technologies is committed to customer service excellency.


Securus Technologies


Video Calling


Video calling is a network that provides superior internet calling to inmates and their families. If you want to follow your loved ones progress you now have the option of talking face-to-face. They also have a one touch volume control and video zoom in and out capabilities to control the picture.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates can get messages from their loved ones and stay connected to the outside. This feature works great for legal counsel that wants to prepare and inmate for changes in their case or a loved ones that needs them to call home at a certain time.


Join the Securus Technologies team today.


In The Wake of a Crisis Securus Steps to The Plate

In the wake of the devastating floods that have impacted so many lives in the state of Louisiana, Securus Technologies stepped up to the plate to help ease the burden. In an effort to make sure inmates could stay in touch with family member who were impacted by the floods, each inmate was given one free call a day. Keeping inmates in touch with their families is a core service that Securus provides to inmates and their families and this service becomes even more important during times of crisis. The value of these calls is estimated to be over $300,000 and in addition Securus will be donating $50,000 to inmate welfare fund at Louisiana Department of Corrections so that they have additional resources to help inmates going forward.

This is just one example of the work the Securus does to help improve the lives of inmates and prison workers. However there are plenty of other examples, for instance Securus purchased JPay last year. Jpay was the firm responsible for introducing electronic payments, emails and educational applications to over 33 prison systems. By purchasing the company Securus confirmed it commitment to continually work to improve the prison systems. The technology offered by Jpay allowed families to send money to prisoners electronically. In addition it gives prisoners access to educational programs on tablets. These services not only help improve the prisoners’ lives but have been shown to reduce crime within the prison which leads to a better work environment for the prison workers.

 Securus has been providing services the to the nations prison systems for over 25 years. Securus is headquartered in Dallas and currently provides services to over 1.2 million prisoners and 3,400 law enforcements workers. It continues to strive to be on the cutting edge of technology with over 140 patents issued and 90 more pending.




Securus Technologies is a company that is well known for provisions of technological solutions for civil and criminal justice. It offers total aid to investigations, public safety, inmate communication monitoring and corrections to assist the United States government. Its headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas and it serves over 3000 firms and agencies that deal with law enforcement and corrections. The companies manage over one million inmates in North America. The company released a data analytical tool that will ease the process of information collection in the United States correction centers known as THREADS 3.1 on 21st December 2015. The release of the technology will ensure a more reliable connection that will provide quick response to emergency services, public information, communication and incident management, rapid and accurate investigations among other functions. It will also provide monitoring products and other tracking devices for the inmates to make the world a better place.

Information technology is changing day drastically demanding the upgrade of collecting information. The new platform introduced by Securus Technology is considered to be the intellectual discovery that will assist the investigative authorities that will improve enhanced user interface to the latest technologies found on the web. The technology will not change or lower the performance of the previous analysis tool, but it will strengthen them. THREADS 3.1 is expected to improve the experience of the user and improve the performance of the application. Easier functioning parts of the platform will reduce the time used to search given information, reliable and easier to use provides an advantage to the US. In addition to improving the existing technology, Securus has introduced a video visitation software that allows inmates and loved ones to connect from afar. Click here to learn more.

THREADS 3.1 will automatically improve the platform where the software runs to HTML 5 from Silverlight, which is very compatible with other Securus applications such as the inmate phone calls system, called Secure Call Platform (SCP). Investigators have been the principal beneficiaries since the platform increases their efficiencies giving them a proactive tool that provides enough evidence for their investigation. The platform is easier to use, and this gives the users the advantages of costs that are associated with training the intended users. It will save time and also increase the performance of the authorities who are tasked to solve such cases and to monitor the inmates. Reliability is the most important when it comes to technologies. A platform that does not provide that will jeopardize all functions regarding security and confidential information. The United States government will fully benefit from the technology since the inmates will be monitored in various ways that will assist the guards to be perfect at what they do.

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