Securus Technologies is a company that is well known for provisions of technological solutions for civil and criminal justice. It offers total aid to investigations, public safety, inmate communication monitoring and corrections to assist the United States government. Its headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas and it serves over 3000 firms and agencies that deal with law enforcement and corrections. The companies manage over one million inmates in North America. The company released a data analytical tool that will ease the process of information collection in the United States correction centers known as THREADS 3.1 on 21st December 2015. The release of the technology will ensure a more reliable connection that will provide quick response to emergency services, public information, communication and incident management, rapid and accurate investigations among other functions. It will also provide monitoring products and other tracking devices for the inmates to make the world a better place.

Information technology is changing day drastically demanding the upgrade of collecting information. The new platform introduced by Securus Technology is considered to be the intellectual discovery that will assist the investigative authorities that will improve enhanced user interface to the latest technologies found on the web. The technology will not change or lower the performance of the previous analysis tool, but it will strengthen them. THREADS 3.1 is expected to improve the experience of the user and improve the performance of the application. Easier functioning parts of the platform will reduce the time used to search given information, reliable and easier to use provides an advantage to the US. In addition to improving the existing technology, Securus has introduced a video visitation software that allows inmates and loved ones to connect from afar. Click here to learn more.

THREADS 3.1 will automatically improve the platform where the software runs to HTML 5 from Silverlight, which is very compatible with other Securus applications such as the inmate phone calls system, called Secure Call Platform (SCP). Investigators have been the principal beneficiaries since the platform increases their efficiencies giving them a proactive tool that provides enough evidence for their investigation. The platform is easier to use, and this gives the users the advantages of costs that are associated with training the intended users. It will save time and also increase the performance of the authorities who are tasked to solve such cases and to monitor the inmates. Reliability is the most important when it comes to technologies. A platform that does not provide that will jeopardize all functions regarding security and confidential information. The United States government will fully benefit from the technology since the inmates will be monitored in various ways that will assist the guards to be perfect at what they do.

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Visual Search and Its Benefits to Businesses that are Online

Technology is an element that works in favor of any business if it is applied in the right manner. You will find many businesses which have become successful due to the fact they have used the right avenues of technology to help get more publicity and to earn more through sales online. In fact, marketing has been taken to a whole different level with the presence of technology. It is also cheaper to get things done using technology as opposed to using traditional methods, which were relatively slower and less effective. Many businesses have appreciated the relevance of using visual search technology, which has been applied to help customers have great moments while shopping. This is a technology that is developed using artificial intelligence to ensure what a customer searches is displayed in the exact form. Getting the system to work with your business will help to instill more competitiveness and profitability in the long run.

Getting the right visual search software is not a big problem as there are verified companies that have been offering these systems. The only thing you need to do is to provide information about the item you want and how your business works. It is also vital to realize that visual search will not hamper positive progress of your business online. It will instead work in favor of your website to allow you to get more sales.

Although there are many companies that offer software design and installation for businesses, only few are verified and trusted to do so. Slyce is among these few companies that have received the authorization to offer software that can help to make your business more attractive. Slyce is a visual search software development firm that has been in business for more than 10 years and they have helped many individuals to build better businesses. With the creativity and dedication they have displayed towards offering visual search software, the company has been rated highly for keenly following up to ensure all their clients enjoy full benefits. Professionalism is among things that have driven the company into becoming a leading firm that is capable of offering exceptional customer support and advice. Slyce will also work to ensure the software is updated to tally with the needs of the market any time. This is among top companies that have been able to offer visual search software for businesses. This article also explains more about Slyce and their great professionalism in software design.

Image Recognition: Latest Tool In e-Commerce and Retail Marketing

One area that image recognition (IR) technology is showing immediate promise is in the field of e-commerce and retail marketing. Although the technology is not perfected by any means, retailers and e-commerce sites have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, and are aggressively waiting for further development in this latest advance of image recognition.

Having started its evolution fairly recently, when iOS took off in the public and tech sectors, IR basically consisted of being able to perform “exact match” visual searches from one’s mobile device such as an Apple iPhone.

Making It Simple To Understand

Two applications provided at the start of this technology best illustrate what is being conveyed on many fronts in e-commerce and retailing markets. One application, for instance, was taking a digital photo of a particular wine that a person enjoys. Then, having obtained all the pertinent information and price comps from the bottle’s photo, one simply orders the item online.

Likewise, a second application example would be taking a picture of a person’s open refrigerator. Having a virtual photo shoot of everything inside of the refrigerator, the items are then ordered online through the person’s favorite grocery store’s website.

Taking Image Recognition To The Next Level

Today, hi-tech image recognition-oriented companies, such as industry leader Slyce, major on knowing how to exploit a shopper’s experience. Moreover, they have succeeded in integrating IR technology with a retailer’s or e-commerce site’s brand app for mobile websites–using four different platforms.

For example, perhaps a certain dressy skirt for a special occasion has caught a lady shopper’s eye. Whether at work, on the street or at school, the interested consumer simply takes a digital picture. Next, the shopper is led to a matching pair of shoes with the exact size, style and color that best suits the skirt she first saw.

Image Recognition Today

While there are many apps in the market that offer near similar features, none has yet been perfected. Nationally known retailers, such as retail giant Macy, already have joined the landscape using this kind of technology–perfected or not.

Using its own Macy iOS app, shoppers simply upload their pictures, find similar products on Macy’s website and immediately make a purchase. The app was tested across other available Macy products, including home décor and home furnishings, with over 84 defined categories.

Some industry experts report that while the technology is still really in its infancy, it will take approximately five years before it enters the global consumer market for the general public.

How Safe are Wireless Medical Devices

Technology is helping with the successful deployment of a wide range of health-related devices but how safe are these medical connected devices.

The first person to receive a wireless pacemaker in the US was Carol Kasyjanski. It was so successful that her doctor can monitor the device from another state. Since then, insulin pumps, blood pressure devices, and a proliferation of other medical devices have made it easier for doctors to transmit information. But the FCC is questioning how secure these constantly-connected devices really are.

According to Christine Kern, a writer for Health IT Outcomes, the connected world poses a major security risk, especially for wireless pacemakers seen by Mikal Watts and others.

Unauthorized access by hackers and remote manipulation are a possibility.

Undoubtedly, remote patient technology offers better patient care, but the program faces challenges. Wireless data is encrypted but as we’ve seen time and time again, authentication methods have vulnerabilities and what would happen if a hacker could reprogram pacemakers.

With cyber security threats increasing, and hackers increasingly finding better ways and backdoors, constant connections of these medical devices requires more safeguards.

All About Visual Search and the Benefits

Search engines provide a few different search services that make lives easier for everyone. This includes text based searches that bring about website options as well as images and video content. However, it all revolves around submitting text based keywords into a search engine in order to bring up possible results. That technology has been around for decades, and while there have been subtle changes to it, the basic element of the search has remained the same. At least, until now. With the creation of visual search, it is now possible to make searches with the aid of a camera and no text at all. Although this visual search is in its infancy, it is growing rapidly and is sure to become one of the most important search features possible.

With the search feature, now all someone needs to do is pull out their smartphone and snap an image of a piece of clothing they like. Perhaps this is a pair of shoes someone is wearing or a top that is on display. When the image is taken and then posted into the visual search service the visual service is able to come back with saved results. These results come up and offer where to purchase the product, the brand of the product and also possible alternatives.

Naturally, during the visual search it might prove difficult to actually receive a product that may be in an affordable price range. Sometimes the best looking options are also the most expensive, which is why the similar results feature comes in extremely handy. It is able to point out similar styles that are less expensive and, who knows, perhaps the user actually likes more. The search results also come up with links to the websites for where someone can purchase it, which is what makes it even more helpful.

Currently, visual search is just starting off, but it is working with many of the top clothing retailers in the country, which is what allows it to instantly compare products and images with hundreds of thousands of items currently logged. This number is growing every single day as well as more and more clothing stores and retailers are joining and providing the listing of all of their products. All of this is what makes it an excellent service and one to look forward to, both for retailers and consumers.

Slyce is a leader in the development of visual search and wants to bring this kind of service to all of the different companies and individuals in the world. It bridges the gap between consumers and the stores that are trying to bring them the best products possible. So, as this service continues to grow, it is something that can drastically improve the lives of everyone involved. So, for anyone who has ever seen someone walk across the street and simply had to know where they purchased the clothing or those amazing shoes, now is the time. They just need their smartphone and visual search.

Image Recognition Is Changing The Way We Interact With Technology

One of the most exciting developing technologies has to be image recognition. The average computer user uses this technology without realizing it. Today it’s used for security, facial recognition, and even shopping among other things. However, the average user may not be aware of exactly what image recognition is.

It’s the process of identifying and changing an object or feature into a digital image. The technology is able to acquire and analyze images by changing them into a numerical set of information that your computer can read. It can be thought of as how computers see. There are three main components to the technology. There is pattern recognition, facial recognition and Optical character recognition (OCR).

OCR detects text and “reads” it. It’s the technology that lets you take a picture of a check so that you can deposit it when you’re away from the bank. Facial recognition is the ability of a computer to “look” for certain distinguishing facial characteristics in order to tell it from another face. If you have ever tagged a person from a photo on Facebook you have used this technology.

It’s the pattern recognition technology that is by far the most exciting of the three. This technology isn’t limited to just certain images but can “read” any pattern of pixels. This ability means it can identify objects such as cars and trees and tell them apart. Pattern recognition also has the capacity to recognize logos. In the past if you searched for a company’s logo you had to type the words into a search bar and wait for the search engine to find it. That’s no longer true with pattern recognition. It can ever tell different cartoon characters apart even if they are shown in various poses.

This ability is changing the way we use technology to interact with our world. It is becoming more common. You can find it in factories, security surveillance systems, toll booth monitoring and your computer as well as smartphones.

One of the leading companies in this recognition technology is Slyce. This company is heavily involved in visual recognition. They are headquartered in Toronto and launched their platform in Feb. 2013. They developed a visual product search platform. This technology can identify products from a picture. Shoppers using this platform are now able to shop just by clicking on an image on their smartphones making the process easier for the user. So far, they have partnered with six of the top twenty retailers including Neiman Marcus. The platform promises to become even better, giving users greater options.

Terminal Russian Patient Asks for a Head Transplant

A Russian suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a serious genetic disease that attacks the motor neurons, wants to undergo a pioneering operation in which his head would be transplanted to a healthy body.

Several Russian news media report Spiridonov contacted the controversial Italian doctor Sergio Canavero, who believes it is technically possible to perform the operation in 2016.

“This is my final decision and I will not change it. Afraid? Of course I am, but if I don’t try my future may be even worse,” said the 30 year old patient.

The programmer compared the procedure to a space conquest. “This experiment is a scientific breakthrough that is the same level as a space flight,” he told Russian television reporter Zvezda.

Spiridonov has already surpassed the life expectancy for people with the disease and it gets worse everyday.

Sam Taba ( has read that Canavero wants to gather a team of 150 doctors and nurses to perform the surgery, estimated to cost just over $ 11 million.

Spiridonov thanked everyone for their support and notes that “he’s confident that everything goes well” or “at least be useful for science and the future of medicine.”

Skout Can Be Fun, For Anyone Who Chooses To Travel

I like to travel all over the USA, but it’s very difficult to pay for all that travel, especially when the plane tickets run hundreds of dollars at a time. I decided that I wanted an alternative when it came to traveling, but I had no idea what to do. I learned about Skout Travel, since I joined the network recently. In fact, the biggest reason that I joined the network, is because I heard about virtual travel. I thought virtual travel would be something that’s fun, and I was grounded for the next couple months anyways, because I had found a new job.

Since I was not able to travel like I used to, it may me a bit depressed, but I decided that Skout Travel is a good alternative. I started exploring the network, and I decided to take a trip to several places across the USA. I was impressed by everything that was in the Skout Travel feature, and the fact that I could meet a friend anywhere I traveled to. I got to see sites, monuments, as well as great places to hang out, eat, have fun and more. I would need a tour guide, in order to learn all the things that I learned through Skout Travel.

Instead of traveling to the USA only, I decided to broaden my horizons, and travel outside of the country. I thought that the UK sounded fun, and one afternoon when I got home from work, I decided to take the trip. I was so impressed with what I saw, and I was able to learn a lot of things about the country that I never knew. I even decided to go to England, and see the Buckingham Palace, and I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, it was like seeing it in person.

I was enjoying my travels so much, that I would go to work and brag about what I saw. I learned that I have a two week vacation, which I can start using, after 90 days with the company, and that’s the longest I’m going to wait. I decided that I like the UK so much, that I’m going to pay a visit, after I’ve been at my new job for 90 days. If I had never visited the UK through Skout Travel, I would never know that it’s a place that I would visit in real life.

Athletes Can Receive Back Care At North American Spine

For an athlete, nothing is more important than caring for their body, both physically, as well as mentally. An athlete’s body is what helps them to keep their career, and it’s also a way for them to play their sport, even if they are not a professional athlete. An athlete must exercise on a regular basis, eat the right foods, and do exercises that can help to care for their body, as well as maintain their body. Although athletes may do everything necessary, in order to keep themselves in the best shape, the same things that keep them in shape, can also cause them pain.

It’s possible for an athlete to hurt their back or their neck, while they are exercising, and preparing for their sport. It’s also very common for an athlete to be hurt, while they are playing their sport. An injury, such as a back injury, can hurt an athlete’s career, and may make it impossible for them to work again. One of the best ways to prevent lower back pain, as well as other forms of back pain, is by performing Yoga once in a while. If an athlete takes preventative measures, they may be able to avoid back pain.

If an athlete becomes hurt, and their back is in a lot of pain, they must do something to fix the problem, as soon as possible, or it can be a career ending injury. Some athletes have had pain for many years, and they’ve played through it, hoping that the pain would go away, but it never did. Those that have extreme pain in their back and neck area, should visit North American Spine, in order to see if the pain can be remedied. North American Spine has treated over 8000 patients with neck and back problems.

Not only can North American Spine treat neck and back problems, but they have now merged with another entity, in order to provide spine care as well. Any athletes suffering from these type of pains, can possibly get permanent relief, after visiting North American Spine. The AccuraScope procedure, and the CuraSpine procedure, are now performed at North American Spine, and both procedures can help relieve an athletes pain.