Haidar Barbouti Has Made a Big Impact in Houston

It seems like some people have a much larger influence in their communities than do others. Sometimes this is because of commercial success or a particular profession and at other times, it is because of charitable works. On rare occasions, it is a combination of all of these things. This is the case with Haidar Barbouti, one of Houston’s most influential citizens.

Mr. Barbouti and his family have lived in the Houston area for a number of years. Many years ago, Haidar made the decision to participate in commercial real estate sales. In fact, he has more than 20 years experience in the commercial real estate industry. In reality, he actually participated in his first real estate deal much earlier than that, in 1986. Since that time, he has exacted additional real estate deals all over the world. Eventually, he made the decision to specialize in commercial property and as such, he has transformed many commercial properties into office buildings and shopping malls. He has also been instrumental in land development and has converted many commercial properties into condominiums.

When all these things are considered, one would expect that this is an individual who is extremely busy. Despite that fact, he makes a number of charitable contributions in the Houston area. While he is generous with his money, he is also a generous with his time, donating both to ensure that children as well as animals are taken care of. He is so concerned with ensuring that unwanted animals are cared for throughout the Houston area that he even donated one of his commercial properties to be adapted as an adoption center so that more animals could be taken off the streets and put in a safe place until they could be placed in a permanent home.

It is easy to understand why this particular individual has such a big influence in the Houston community. When his professional endeavors as well as his charitable contributions are considered, he has been a mainstay in the Houston area for a number of decades and he continues to ensure that he actively participates in the community that he has lived in for so long. Perhaps more importantly, he demonstrates that he has a desire to share his success with others who are less fortunate.

This is a lesson that few people practice but the Houston community is better as a direct result of the professional and charitable endeavors of Haidar Barbouti. He is an individual that exemplifies the way that good fortune should be reciprocated back into the community in which one lives.