The financial markets are at a risk of a crisis agitated by the China’s trade havoc. The renowned philanthropist and economist, George Soro has been warning the investors and the economists in the U.S at large. He claimed that the current fluctuation of the currency might end up like the 2008 economic regression. As an economist, he advises that the financial markets should be keener since the China’s Yuan is affecting the worldwide market.
In this regard, the U.S money reserve is tested on how it overcomes the financial crisis. In a podcast in Enterprise Radio, EPN News, the U.S Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl, talks about the Gold market and the benefits of owning gold coins. The U.S Money Reserve is one of the distributors of the government gold, silver and platinum coins. He mentions that his previous role as the Director of U.S Mint significantly contributes on how to manage the gold market concerning its distribution in the market. The most rewarding aspect of his job is that he made customer satisfaction a priority and the exemplary customer services yielded significant results.
Philip Diehl emphasized on why investors should turn to the buying of the U.S government gold, silver and platinum coins. The U.S Money Reserve has a legal tender and thus quality is assured unlike in other markets where counterfeiting is the greatest hitch. Despite the recent troubles of a financial crisis, purchasing of the minted gold coins is safer than entirely depending on the appreciation of the dollar. Gold, silver and platinum coins are a store of value. They do not depreciate over the period unlike the dollar and other currencies whose fluctuation rates are uncertain.
The gold market is affected by some factors. Fluctuation prices due to the depreciation of the U.S dollar. The gold market gets affected worldwide since markets such as China and India are buying about 55% of the gold. The recent China economic quandary is going to change the gold bars. Owners of the U.S Government minted gold coins are spared the disparity from the current gold bars owners. The monetary policies set by the government are also likely to impact on the financial markets. The minted gold coins are luckily not touched strongly compared to the other forms of currency. U.S Money Reserve is where the investors should start investing in as there is assurance of quality and satisfaction.