Vijay Eswaran Shares Daily Success Tips

The CEO of QNET, Vijay Eswaran, believes that success is an accumulation of small things. Little things done right every day can often attribute to a successful mindset and success is all about the right mindset. This is why Vijay Eswaran often shares interesting training techniques and concepts, borrowed from unique cultures and religions, to help people grow as professionals. Vijay Eswaran’s mottos are simple – if one does good things, great things will happen to them. It is this attitude that has helped QNET become such a force in the industry over the years.

Through the ups and downs of the company, Vijay Eswaran has always tried to learn something new. Here, Vijay Eswaran shares some daily success tips

Rise Early – By simply getting up 30 minutes early every day, people can get a lot of work done and stay on schedule. This gives a daily boost of confidence that is necessary for success in bigger endeavors. Vijay Eswaran recommends waking up even earlier if there is more pending stuff to finish. Early rising can also facilitate a good routine involving a balanced breakfast, meditation and exercise in the morning that would be beneficial for the mind and the body.

Be Informed – A lot of people have stopped reading newspapers and simply rely on their social media to find out about the latest “happening” news. Instead, Vijay Eswaran recommends choosing a good newspaper and reading it front to back. The first step to success is to be informed about everything that is going on in the world.

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships – Meaningful relationships can be cultivated with clients by sending them links to things that they might find useful. This is one of the tips that Vijay Eswaran reserves for professionals who wish to grow in their field.

Reconnect With Old Friends – Vijay Eswaran advises people to reconnect with old friends who have been lost somewhere in the hustle bustle of life. Not only would their day be made but this would be a welcome change from a drab, routine existence.

Write a Letter – People don’t write letters anymore but receiving something written in someone’s hand still holds a lot of importance, even in this technology driven age. Vijay Eswaran asks people to write letters to friends, family and acquaintances to rekindle relationships.

If these success tips are followed on a regular basis, success cannot be far behind.