Jed McCaleb: The Brilliant and Innovative Mind Behind Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the innovative, brilliant and eccentric mind behind the powerhouse technologies eDonkey, Ripple, and Mt. Gox – the first bitcoin exchange on the market. Though these financial leveraging tools all have different purposes, they share one common theme, which can ultimately summarize McCaleb’s inspiration: creating technologies that improve the world and the human condition, while reducing inefficiency.

Jed is a true visionary and entrepreneur, which has led him to pursue many ventures and business ideas. Like all entrepreneurs, some of his ventures have been more successful than others. For Jed, it was a matter of being tenacious and persevering through setbacks, while never letting the setback stop him. His first major success was eDonkey, one of the largest file-sharing network platform of its time. Shortly after, Jed McCaleb created Mt. Gox, one of the early bitcoin exchange platforms, and then Ripple. These ventures in Bitcoin fueled his interest to learn more, and continually developed his interests. This led to his idea for Stellar, a universal financial network that connects banks, payments systems, and people.

Stellar is one of the most innovative and unique platforms on the market, primarily due to its ability to link all of the major Bitcoin players together. This technology has the potential to transform the world, especially considering the percent of the world’s population that is unbanked. According to the World Bank, about half of the world’s adult population doesn’t have access to a bank account, meaning they cannot save or send money. McCaleb Stellar combats these issues by aiming to use an open worldly financial network to link the institutions and move money efficiently and cheaply. For only a fraction of a penny, users have access to move and integrate money quickly and reliably via Stellar.

Jed McCaleb is currently the CTO of Stellar, a passionate, curious and tenacious individual intent on fixing broken financial infrastructure and improving the world for the better. You can learn more about Jed McCaleb:

Vincent Parascandola’s Journey of Financial Services Expertise

Vincent Parascandola is the current Senior Executive Vice President at AXA Advisors, a New York based company that offers integrated financial solutions including financial protection and wealth management and are leading providers of sound financial advice, retirement strategies, employee benefits, and life insurance. Since 1859, AXA has been providing stability and reliability to our esteemed customers in an effort to help them live their lives with confidence while at the same time enabling them realize their dreams and also dreams for their loved ones.

Parascandola, an alumni of Pace University, Lubin School of Business has been credited for the growth and development of more than 200 financial professionals in New Jersey in just three years he has been at the helm of the company. With over 25 years of hands-on experience in the financial services industry, Vincent Parascandola has been instrumental in the exponential of AXA Advisors by hiring and training competent advisors and as a result, there has been a steady overall sales growth while still maintaining a proper profit margin.

For the short time he worked with Prudential, the financial expert’s contribution was so visible that it won him the National Rookie of the year award in 1989. Parascandola then moved to MONY Life Insurance Company the following year where he served in various capacities till 2004 when he joined AXA Advisors for the first time. During his able leadership as a co-manager of AXA’s New York Metro Branch, Vincent’s financial services acumen had already started to manifest itself.

His deep knowledge and expertise in the financial services industry has not gone unnoticed. Vincent has been recognized by a number of institutions for his immense contribution to the industry. This has seen him win several awards including the prestigious GAMA’s Career Development Award and Master Agency Award just to mention a few

At AXA, Vincent Parascandola helped the organization grow to become a leading financial protection solutions provider in New York with over 6,000 financial services experts. You can visit his Facebook page

What You Can Learn About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is a leading company that has been able to offer a reliable platform where individuals can easily transact with gold and other precious metals. The company has been in business for many years and over the long time they have been operational, no negative charges have been placed against them since they have worked to ensure they offer the best to their customers. Offering a reliable experience to their customers has enabled them to rise beyond limits. They have been ranked among the best companies in the market for allowing the prevalence of positive approaches to transactions that involve the sale of gold and other metals.

Hiring is a process that avails a different experience for any company. This is one of the factors US Money Reserve has held dear as they have ensured the staff employed to work with them is well qualified and capable of handling all needs that are presented by the customers. Maintaining courtesy and taking all requests presented by customers seriously has been a relief to the attainment of success within US Money Reserve. They have worked with well trained professionals in different categories to help make the delivery of services easier and faster.

Security is a paramount issue that should be taken into consideration while handling any transactions that involve huge sums of money. US Money Reserve has invested in the best security systems and this is one of the things that have allowed their customers to have confidence in the company. They have installed modern encryption, which makes it difficult for theft of information stored by their customers.

Giving back to the community is also something that defines a company. US Money Reserve has not been left behind on this. They have designed a program that offers support to the needy and allows them to gain by having sufficient supply of basic needs. The project, named US Money Reserve CrowdRise, has helped reach many individuals who need urgent support to make their lives better. The kitty has raised billions in the past, which have gone to uplifting communities that need urgent support and care.

The US Money Reserve Crowdrise has also been structured in a manner that the money cannot be misused or squandered. They have a strict oversight body which allows the implementation of the program to take place seamlessly. Members of US Money Reserve are urged to also take part in this fundraising campaign.


Precious metals such as Gold, Platinum and Silver have gained value and significance. Traditionally, these metals have been mainly used for fashion and ornaments. However, in the unstable world economy we are living in, players in the financial markets industry have resulted to store the value of a currency in Gold and other precious metals. Gold, for example, is used to ensure financial stability in the wake of inflation.
This strategy works at the highest levels of the apex by the central banks and other international organizations. The government of the United States, for example, stores its money Gold and Silver, cast by the United States Mint, – a government authorized maker of high-quality coins. These coins are mint marked with face value denominations. The prices metals such as gold keep rising steadily, investing gold reserves means the value of your investment reaps rewards in the long-term.
The US money reserve is a model company in the precious metals trade. They have dominated the precious metals trade in the US and around the world since inception in the year 2002.The company is the primary supplier of government issued coins and bullions of Gold, Silver and Platinum in the US. The varieties of high-value coins they offer include; Gold Numismatic coins such as the American eagle proof and modern congressional gold coins. Gold Bullion brands including the Canadian maple leaf, the South African Krugerrand, American Eagle and Austrian Philharmonic. They also distribute Silver bullion varieties such as the Johnson Matthey bar and Silver bag.
The US money reserve is a client-centered company. Their decade of operation in the market, as well as the heritage of origin in the precious metals trade, has given the company a good reputation. The firm’s aggressive customer relations strategy proves vital in attracting potential investors and buyers. Clients are guaranteed access to the best coin reserves in the market and world class service where they receive assistance throughout the process by the company’s experts. The US money reserve is a one-stop shop for all your investment needs in Gold and other precious metals. They have a pool of over 100 experts and professionals covering the technical field of acquiring and grading metals to the business side of marketing and sales.
There are many benefits an investor is sure to enjoy by investing in Gold including a high-profit margin in stock markets.

The Amazing Financial Success of BRL Trust


There are many institutions out there that help manage money for organizations and individuals all around the world. These financial institutions help organizations and individuals invest their money properly in many different economies. This allows individuals and organizations the ability to grow their investment into a large nest egg or cash cow. BRL Trust is a financial institution that provides many different services to individuals and organizations who are looking to grow their investments. Their expertise in the financial markets allows investors to have a high level of confidence that their money is going to be handled very well by this group of professionals.

Asset management is one of the top services that BRL Trust offers to investors around the world. This service allows investors to put their money in the hands of trained professionals who are trained in the ins and outs of the market place. BRL Trust focuses on both local and international markets in order to give individuals the most comprehensive look into their investment future. Both institutional and individual investors can take advantage of the amazing services offered by BRL Trust. As a long term solution, BRL Trust can help investors realize their full economic potential when it comes to their investments.

Asset Underwriting is also a service that BRL Trust specializes in. Whether the company is based in Brazil, or anywhere around the world, BRL Trust can help these companies raise fund that they need to for important tasks such as real estate receivables. BRL Trust can also help raise funds for a number of other important structured deals as well. Their expertise in this area will help individuals or institutions to find the success that they are looking for.

The executives of BRL Trust have helped to create a professional team of individuals who are able to help individuals and institutions with all of their financial needs. Mauricio Ribeiro is the founder and director of BRL Trust. He has been able to parlay his prior financial industry experience into creating one of the greatest financial institutions in Brazil. Rodrigo Gomez is the director and founding partner or BRL Trust. His 15 years of experience in the financial industry have helped him to create an amazing financial institution that continues to grow even to this very day. His prior experience includes management in powerhouses such as Ernst & Young, and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Cornelsen – Brazil’s Financial Guru

Investors in the stock market have been on a roller coaster in recent years, as world economies have struggled to recover from the recession of the last decade. International trade has struggled to find its footing with companies that have demonstrated challenging management but offered excellent goods. Brazil’s Igor Cornelsen has long used investment strategies that focus on long-term vision and encourage investors to back companies that might have a troubled present, but offer a strong future.

Brazil Was The Start
Cornelsen has been investing in his native Brazil for decades and has watched its political challenges erode its financial capacity. Currently, Brazil is the 8th largest economy in the world and has a wealth of natural resources still to be harnessed. It would seem to be an excellent site for investment since it is in need of significant infrastructure reform. However, its currency, the real, is presently overvalued which inhibits foreign investors and stalls exports.

Innovative Investment Strategy
As a consequence of watching the Brazil’s’ national economic struggles, Cornelsen developed investment strategies that focus more on long-term goals, rather than quick turnarounds based on immediate factors. He applies an analysis system that reviews potential investment vehicles for their actual relative value. He looks to see if a troubled company is having short-term issues but, with those resolved, can still offer excellent long term returns. His plan is to avoid investing in companies with business structures or management styles that are just not going to weather long-term economic turbulence.

Visionary Innovations
Cornelsen can act as an appropriate mentor for all investors because of his long-held principle of investing in safe entities for the long term. He does not advocate playing the stock market like a lottery, with many quick investments expected to reap quick and significant gains. Instead, his theory is to identify strong corporate entities that offer big returns over years of growth and development. He also is a strong advocate for a diversified portfolio, which minimizes the risk of loss by limiting the amount at stake in any given asset. Over his career, he has worked with hundreds of investors, assisting them to build their investment portfolios to maximize long-term returns.

Cornelsen currently acts as the Proprietario for Bainbridge Investment Inc of the Bahamas. He divides his time between his native Brazil and southern Florida.