Christian Broda: New York Based Economist

Christian Broda is the current managing director at Capital Management Duquesne which is in New York. His career started with his focus aimed at economics and planning in finance after his graduation from Universidad de San Andres. After attaining his Bachelors degree, he proceeded to the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts where he pursued both his Master’s and Doctorate in Philosophy.

His career began by working with the Federal Bank in New York. He stayed here for quite some time before he decided to move back to academia where he took a tenure position in the University of Chico’s Booth and School of Business. He maneuvered in the routes of business and academia which finally landed him at hedge fund as a manager. This is what made him get his current job post. At this time he was still editing for various academia publications and journals.

The research and publications that have always aimed at international trade, macroeconomics and finance have made him to become very famous. With his numerous research Broda has been on at the forefront in coming up with theories that are related to economics. Back in the year 2009, together with Harris, they came up with a publication that had speculated that there would be inflation for a long time in the United states because of the market forces that were there. Other speculations were quite bear on the dollar because the market housing had collapsed the previous year 2008.

Because he is using his knowledge on the subject, his publications have been seen in quite a good number of well known publications. Some of them include American Economic Review, The economic Quarterly journal and the International economic journal. Christian Broda has won quite a number of awards that include two national science foundation which was because of his work in the impact of better and new in international and domestic prices. Another one was in trade, geography and prices together with D.E. Weinstein.

These publications have at a higher level allowed him to show case his findings and researches that are advanced in various universities as well as banks from all over the world. Good examples of these banks are federal reserve, European Central Bank, Japanese Bank and also the International Monetary Fund.
Broda is a research person in the national bureau and economic research where he is an active member. In addition to this he is also an editor of development economics journal.