No Trump, No Pageant

As it has been made known in recent news, Donald Trump, the American business mogul, TV personality and all-around pop culture icon has announced his candidacy for the upcoming 2016 presidential election. In a recent public address, Donald Trump made a few comments about illegal immigration and illegal immigrants themselves the other day. Trump makes it no question that he is in support of stricter border protection as well as border policies. As can be expected, there were people and corporations who disagreed with what Trump was saying. CrunchBase told that is perfectly fine unless a politician has direct ties or business agreements to the corporations that disagree.

This was precisely the problem between Donald Trump and his long-time business partners over at NBC. After Donald Trump made the comments about illegal immigrants, NBC decided to cut their business ties with the business icon in order to separate themselves from the image that Trump was creating for himself. NBC publicly reported that their network prides themselves on having “respect and dignity” for people of all backgrounds. The break in the business relationship between Trump and NBC will have immediate consequences as they had a joint partnership in the upcoming Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants.

Trump, in response to being fired by NBC, commented positively on his experience working with NBC, but he said wouldn’t be willing to back down from acknowledging such a serious issue.