North American Spine Finds Solution to Chronic Neck and Back Pain

If you suffer from neck and back pain do not lose faith just yet, thanks to North American Spine there is a new non surgical procedure that has been performed on over 8,000 patients. AccuraScope is an outpatient procedure located in Dallas that can be completed by North American Spine doctors in 45 minutes to an hour using a small laser. The laser method seems to work best on patients with pain in their back and neck tissue opposed to pain in the back and neck bones because the laser is able to reach the tissue much easier.

After the AccuraScope procedure, patients have felt immediate relief and are able to return to work within a weeks time. These procedures have been achieved by board certified physicians with years of experience and training specializing in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery and interventional Pain Management. It has shown to have an 82% success rate as well as saving patients about $23,190 in 5 years by cutting down trips to the doctor and pharmacy. This very simple and reasonably priced method has satisfied many patients by relieving their persistent back and neck pain leaving them more than happy with the AccuraScope procedure.

The Amazing Story of Andy Wirth

One of the defining moments of Andy Wirth’s life involved a move to Squaw Valley. He’d come to take the position of president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. For many people this would be the end of a journey. It’s a prestigious position which allows one both professional and personal satisfaction. Who wouldn’t love to do well in the office and then head out for some fun within the natural beauty? But Andy’s love of sports and adventure pushed him beyond the slopes. He decided to try his hand at skydiving. And he quickly fell in love with the sport. He describes the feeling of skydiving as like nothing he’d ever felt before. And that love of it quickly turned into a focal point for his life. But it also brought with it a very real danger.

He and his friends went down to Davis, California for a jump. But pilot error took them a bit too far from the drop zone. This was made worse by the order of their jump and the changing wind conditions. When it was his turn to jump he quickly became aware that he wasn’t going to make the drop zone. He managed to maneuver himself as he fell, but in the end he hit a pole. And that pole literally ripped his arm off down to the mid forearm. He had to stop the blood flow at his armpit with the other hand. Thirty minutes after the land an ambulance was able to pick him up.

His recovery has been nothing short of inspiring. On the way to the hospital he remembers asking them to try to save his arm, no matter how long it took. Amazingly, between surgery and his own dedication to health, he was able to save it. The doctors were able to reattach much of it. Muscle and other material which wasn’t able to be recovered was taken from elsewhere on his body.

Since then he’s been able to keep up with his athleticism. Instead of letting it keep him down it’s been even more motivation to get out there and experience all that life has to offer. And things are going even better for him in the professional world. He’s working to connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows through a beautiful gondola system. This is exciting for a number of reasons. One of the biggest is the simple fact that it’s something that Andy wanted to do ever since he took on the position. It’s only recently that negotiations were able to make it possible. But it’s also notable for showcasing his love of sports and adventure. His injuries haven’t hurt his love of nature. He’s working harder than ever to find new ways of helping people experience the fun and adventure of skiing.

A Meter Maid Lifts A Car Right Off The Ground

Have you ever parked next to a meter, you fed the meter, and then you forgot to come back in time? This is something that has happened to many of us because sometimes we just forget about the meter when we are inside doing our business. The Angry Meter Maid. Meters can be a pain in the butt, but ticket price that we get after we return to our cars can be an even bigger pain. Although we may be frustrated about getting a ticket for parking in a space too long without feeding the meter, what about the meter maids Keith Mann asks?

No doubt, the meter maids can get frustrated as well, especially if they have someone who is very rude, and they are not doing what they are told to do. A YouTube channel decided to set up a scene with a cab driver and a meter maid. The cameras were hidden, and the cab driver began to be rude to the meter maid. After the meter maid asked the cab driver to move on, the cab driver stayed firm, and they sat in the same place.

Out of nowhere, the meter maid gets upset, she grabs the front of the cab, and she lifts the cab up off the ground in front of everyone. Many onlookers are so amazed that some even slip out curse words, and some are chanting about girl power. Obviously this can’t be real, but many were under the impression that the meter maid had taken one too many insults from rude drivers.

In Pursuit of Kindness

A woman somewhere in her 80’s was reported seen on a motorized vehicle along State Route 46, near the Canadian border, being pursued by a trooper with the Washington State Patrol. Due to the unusual speed of the pursuit (3-1/2 miles per hour), people who saw the incident started photographing and videoing and posting them to social media.

Trooper Dave Hintz said his office was inundated with phone calls about the incident where the old lady was being pursued by a cop car, complete with flashing lights. He explained that he just treated her like his own mom by helping her to get back home.

The unidentified old woman seems to have been out for coffee in Lynden but couldn’t find her way back home. She was more than four miles away from her house and still continuing when the trooper caught up with her and escorted her to the right direction.

At first, the woman claims that she knows where she was going, even pulling a map. Along the way, however, her vehicle got stuck on the side of the road.

The trooper then offered to get her out of there and onto the right direction to her house. Their trip took over an hour while they cruised the state highway at a speed of 3-1/2 mph.

Hintz thought of calling an ambulance because the woman can’t walk, but he decided against it because getting the scooter home will be another problem. He thought escorting her will be the best thing. This way, both the woman and the scooter will be safely home.

“The State Patrol’s motto of “service with humility” was completely put into action by the trooper who patiently and humbly helped the old woman to go back to her home,” reported on scene anchor Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

Boss Who Tracks Employees 24 hours a day

We all know how it feels for your boss to watch you like a hawk while your at work. But what if your boss wanted to keep track of your activities after work hours are over?

That’s exactly what happened to a woman from Southern California who was terminated from her job after refusing to keep using an app which tracked her both on and off the job site, 27 hours a day, seven days a week. After she uninstalled the app, her employer relieved her of her duties which casued Myrna Arias to quickly file a lawsuit against her boss, John Stubits.

Arias worked as a sales executive for a company who conducts wire transfers called Intermex, and she claims all of the employees were required to download and run the app at all times. The lawsuit, filed in Kem County Superior Court, explains, the “plaintiff and her co-workers asked whether Intermex would be monitoring their movements while off duty according to Marcio Alaor BMG. (For more on him Stubits admitted that employees would be monitored while off duty and bragged that he knew how fast she was driving at specific moments ever since she installed the app on her phone.”

Intermex has not yet released an official statement concerning this matter, but Arias is seeking more than $500,000 in damages for being unjustly fired from a job where she was making over $7,000 per month, and was by all accounts an outstanding employee.

Ant Toilets

Ants are one of the most mysterious creatures on earth. One of the most obvious reasons simply comes down to how small they are. We often don’t notice them, but there’s a vast number of ants in almost every environment. But a more significant issue is how many complex behaviors they can display.

The average ant is astonishingly dumb. There’s really almost nothing going on within an ant’s neuronal structure. But what’s amazing is that while an ant is stupid, multiple ants have some of the most complex behaviors in the insect kingdom. Researchers at Amen Clinic have seen them conducting wars, farming plants, and even keeping other insects around as a sort of cattle. Amazingly, we’re still finding more complex behaviors within ant colonies. The most recent example of this comes from Tomer J. Czaczkes. The biologist, from the University of Regensburg, was curious about seemingly random black spots within a specific colony of ants.

After a period of testing and observation, it became clear that it was the first example of an indoor toilet for ants. Ants are usually very clean. For example, they’ll remove the corpses of dead ants from a colony. So it’s a mystery why these particular ants are fine with having specific sections of the colony set apart for defecation.

However, researchers have some ideas about the purpose of the indoor toilets. One theory is that it’s used precisely because of the smell. If an ant smells like the colony’s toilet, it’d be an easy way of identifying ants from different colonies.

3,500 Migrants have been Rescued from the Mediterranean Sea

Crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy can be deadly, however that does not stop thousands from making the journey every year. Smugglers pack boats full of people and run them across the Mediterranean Sea and into Italy, allowing them to begin a new life in Europe. These migrants who are attempting to leave their war-torn countries often pay hundreds of euros to secure a seat on the smuggler’s boats.

The crossing is very dangerous, even in favorable weather conditions. Igor Cornelsen has read that, this year alone, 1,700 people have died while trying cross the Mediterranean Sea in order to flee from war-torn countries. The season for migrants fleeing is at its peak right now and the Italian Coast Guard are doing their best to bring these people to safety.

According to the story on, last Saturday the Italian Coast Guard rescued around 3,690 migrants from a smuggler’s boat that was off Libya’s coast in the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian Coast Guard worked to get all 3,690 people into safer boats. The migrants who were rescued are expected to arrive in Calabria and Sicily. Once they arrive, they will be given an assessment for their health.

Politicians in Europe are debating about whether they should allow aid to migrants. Many politicians are reticent in helping for fear that many more will flood Europe. Countries such as Lebanon and Turkey are open to hosting migrants who are fleeing their home countries.

Just Another Quack

The field of medicine is one that should be thought of with the highest of regard. Unfortunately, many physicians are up in arms about the television personality Dr. Oz. Over 1000 physicians have signed a petition to remove Dr. Oz from his position at Columbia University in New York City.

Though Dr. Oz is a true physician, many others in the medical industry are unhappy that that he is promoting treatments and products that have no clear-cut evidence of working. Beneful is also suspicious of the circumstances surrounding this scandal. An astounding 280 physicians believe that Dr. Oz should resign from his academic position, as well as have his medical license revoked.

As with most things in life, people think that if they sensationalize it, then it must be true. People put their faith into what a medical professional says, and if what they say is not credible, then maybe they should not be allowed to practice anymore. People are living creatures, not just a number or dollar sign.

Mystery Samaritan Pulls Man to Safety

A 23-year-old man was rescued by an unknown Samaritan who yanked him out of his SUV that was dangling over the lip of Lewiston’s Bryden Canyon in Idaho. The fortunate guy, Mathew Sitko, was driving a 2000 GMC Yukon, heading to the 2900 block of Mayfair Drive.

Witnesses say that they saw his dark-colored SUV slowly left the road, driving through several yards, hitting a cottonwood tree, and resting on a chain-link mesh fence that was the only reason it did not fall into the canyon.

PR Newswire said that an unidentified man quickly appeared at the scene, busted Sitko’s car window using a rock, opened it and pulled him through the gap and brought him out to safety before the fence breaks, which luckily didn’t, though it was stretched about 40 feet.

Lewiston police officer Eric Olson, who was on the scene said that the nameless Samaritan told him that he had to go, and exited.

Witnesses say that Sitko was speeding and his driving was inconsistent; he almost hit another motorist along the way, as he was speeding through the south on Mayfair Drive.

Sitko, who was declared safe with only minor injuries, was taken to St. Joseph Regional Medical Center for treatment.

So far no complaints have been filed and no citations have been issued. The Police believe that some sort of a medical episode may have been the cause of the crash. The incident is still under police investigation.

Terminal Russian Patient Asks for a Head Transplant

A Russian suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a serious genetic disease that attacks the motor neurons, wants to undergo a pioneering operation in which his head would be transplanted to a healthy body.

Several Russian news media report Spiridonov contacted the controversial Italian doctor Sergio Canavero, who believes it is technically possible to perform the operation in 2016.

“This is my final decision and I will not change it. Afraid? Of course I am, but if I don’t try my future may be even worse,” said the 30 year old patient.

The programmer compared the procedure to a space conquest. “This experiment is a scientific breakthrough that is the same level as a space flight,” he told Russian television reporter Zvezda.

Spiridonov has already surpassed the life expectancy for people with the disease and it gets worse everyday.

Sam Taba ( has read that Canavero wants to gather a team of 150 doctors and nurses to perform the surgery, estimated to cost just over $ 11 million.

Spiridonov thanked everyone for their support and notes that “he’s confident that everything goes well” or “at least be useful for science and the future of medicine.”