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An excellent article in Business 2 Community (B2C) explained how companies and businesses, often unfairly, receive a bad reputation. The article highlights the story of a man flying United Airlines who watched as baggage handlers carelessly threw his prized guitar from baggage loading vehicle to the plane’s loading ramp. After his contacts with United had met dead ends and his claims for adequate compensation were denied, he wrote a song,United Breaks Guitars. The song went on to be a YouTube hit and United went on a downward spiral losing 10 percent of its stock value. This article in B2C points out that any one part of a business’ organization can be the reason for losses of catastrophic proportion to that business’ net worth.
Some business owners, presidents, and managers demand a positive outlook and a pleasant demeanor from all employees when dealing with customers and feel that the customer who is often wrong should be treated like the customer is never wrong. There will always be that small percentage of customers who are never happy with anything. They complain to vent any dissatisfaction with a product or service. There is always a small amount of buyer’s remorse, but some customers get out of control. In this case, services offered by internet reputation repair services can help. Companies like The Search Fixers can see to it that damaging customer reports do not overwhelm the true quality of the reputation of your business when they fix bad reviews.
Every business person has at least one story of an unreasonable customer, who let a small slight or problem fester into an insurmountable and often violent situation. Some of these customers can become dangerous not only to the online reputation management of the business but can cause physical damage to the business as well. We often hear of a used car lot having a fence, or a sales building crashed into by a car, which that same lot recently sold to a customer. This dangerous type of customer behavior is the fear of many business owners. Any person who would allow his damaged feelings to accelerate to become the impetus for an act of personal terrorism is a risk to society.


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NAACP Head Rachel Dolezal Resigns From Her Post

Keith Mann told me that Rachel Dolezal was the head of the NAACP, and she has a great track record with the organization despite what some Twitter are saying. She has been able to help bring the races together, and she’s done a lot for black people altogether. The problem with Rachel is that many believe that she’s lying about her own race, and she has no ties to African Americans at all, and so Rachel Dolezal will step down. Other than being friends with African-Americans, Rachel has no African-American heritage at all. There has been a debate recently about Rachel’s heritage, but Rachel denies that any of the rumors are true.

Unfortunately, Rachel’s own brother, mother, and father, they all claim that she has no African-American heritage whatsoever, and in fact, she has German and Czech in her blood, but no African Americans blood at all. Rachel was even questioned on TV, and they specifically asked her if she was African-American, and she stuttered while trying to answer the question. The fact that she wouldn’t come out and say that she identifies herself as black, looked very badly on her.

Although the NAACP is still standing behind Rachel, she has chosen to resign from her post because she feels that the organization is being looked at in a negative light. She has not admitted that she lied about her race, but she is stepping down from the limelight, and another person has been put in her place. The person replacing her is the current vice president of the NAACP.