Comedy Degree Offered by Emerson College

The focus on education requires colleges and universities to be a little creative with the programs that are offered. Institutions regularly compete among a pool of potential students. Students have a number of requirements when selecting the school where they will continue their education, and finding one that offers the desired major is often vital to the process. One college in Boston is taking a chance that comedy will draw in a few students.

According to US News, Emerson College will begin offering a bachelor of fine arts in comedic sciences degree in the fall of 2016. The curriculum will include comedic theory and an overview of the industry reports the bank, Madison Street Capital. With alumni that include Jay Leno, Denis Leary, and Steven Wright, Emerson might be one of the most qualified schools in the country to house such a unique program. The move to educate students on the process of comedy and the necessary elements of writing, performing, and overall production is a good move given the massive dollars associated with top level comedy employees.

In the end, education needs to evolve as lifestyles and needs change. Emerson is taking a logical step to prepare students interested in a given career path. Giving students options and attracting potential talent to the university are always important goals for institutions. While the success of the program will be difficult to gauge for years, it will likely have an impact on the university next year.