Recognizing Potential Health Conditions By Preventative Screening

Life Line Screening is a healthcare company offering quality health screenings for peace of mind. Using state-of-the-art technology, three types of screenings are offered to pinpoint potential health issues and/or diseases. By early identification through preventative screening, an individual can make appropriate health and lifestyle changes to reduce potential life-threatening conditions. Preventative screenings include ultrasound, blood and electrocardiograph screenings. Ultrasound or sonography technology is used to produce images of muscle, tendons and internal organs. Used today in many fields of medicine, ultrasound detects and monitors medical conditions. At Life Line Screening, ultrasound images screen for the preventative care of carotid artery disease, osteoporosis risk, peripheral arterial disease and abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Preventative screenings by Life Life Screening takes place across the United States in a variety of locations. In certain locations, a finger-stick blood screening is offered as a preventative screening test. By collecting a couple drops of blood from a finger, the preventative screening identifies risk factors associated with diabetes and heart disease. This type of screening provides accurate and quick results in less than 10 minutes. Individual’s receiving a blood screening can view results for cholesterol, glucose, C-reactive protein and levels of liver enzymes and Lifeline Screening’s lacrosse camp.

The third type of preventative screening offered by Life Life Screening is electrocardiograph. Typically known as an EKG, an electrocardiograph detects an irregular heartbeat. The heart condition of atrial fibrillation can be recognized by an EKG to evaluate a person’s risk of stroke. Conducted by placing electrodes on the body, an EKG is non-invasive with no preparation or a need to remove clothing and learn more about Life Line Screening.

Committed to disease prevention, Life Line Screening offers individuals a prevention and wellness plan used as a supplement for regular healthcare. Life Line Screening gives individuals the freedom to choose which screening fits his or her needs. To ensure the best screening for a person’s needs, an individuals family and medical history, personal preferences and risk factors are evaluated. Screening tests are recommended for individuals with present or future risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Such risk factors include high blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, past or present smoking, diabetes, and a family history of heart attack or stroke and more information click here.

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Dave McDonald, President and COO, of OSI Group lead the Organization on a Vertical Trajectory of Rapid Expansion

A company whose growth is attributed to participation in the Chinese food industry for 20 years, OSI Group, recently celebrated its 20th year of operations in the region. It is a prominent food processing organization serving food to McDonald since commencing business in Beijing in 1992. Though OSI Group is an international player in the manufacture of protein enriched foodstuffs, the company localizes its production quality to take advantage of the existing labor pool, comply with government legislations, and to respond to nuances of culture and the preferences of consumers.

The President and CEO of the company are David McDonald, a principal executive in the development of food production chains. He is a perceptive business operator with deep knowledge about the industry. His direct involvement in maintaining organizational discipline, and ensuring there is operational synergy is primarily responsible for the rapid expansion of OSI Group. He plays a leading role in consistently engaging manufacturers of food equipment to design processes that enhance the quality and safety of foods such as inbuilt X-ray tools capable of detecting unwanted particles and other contaminants that might affect the production quality and his account of

David McDonald believes in the value of proper engagement with the suppliers, manufacturers and consumers to create a business setup in which everyone gets satisfaction. He gives priority to investing in technical and human resources because he understands that it is the only way to keep the company of a vertical sustainability trajectory. By engaging clients, the company translates what they have to say into profitable production concepts. The CEO also understands that development of new products complements the expansion of production capabilities. That is the reason why he puts a premium on collaborations with the suppliers, and the clients to expand the business by providing exactly what consumers need and learn more about David.

Consequently, OSI Group has developed an international network in which personnel from the organization manage plants, and run offices across the world. The skilled professionals are aided by a cadre of local teams of managers who are sensitive to local tastes and cultures. Presently, OSI Group is operating over 50 food production units in 17 countries.

Adam Goldenberg And The Effects Of Dressing Well

While not that many people pay attention to how they dress, it does have an effect on their lives in many more ways than they realize. For one thing, when people dress better, they tend to feel better, especially when other people compliment them on how they dress. This brings forth confidence which gives them the energy to carry on with their day. Also, given the average attitude towards fashion on Huffington Post, it can be rather easy to stand out from the crowd. People often wear some of the most basic pieces of clothing. A lot of it is because they don’t know where to find some of the more interesting bits of fashion. Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg is one of the people that have made it easier to find some interesting fashions.

Adam Goldenberg is one of the founders and owners of JustFab. The company has been such a success because it is in tune with the customers. It keeps on top on the clothes that are selling. At the same time, the company is always providing new and unique pieces of fashion for the customer at Therefore, they are able to present their customers with something that will not only look good on them, but make them feel good.

Adam Goldenberg also knows the effects of dressing well. For one thing, it makes every aspect of one’s life easier. This is especially true in the workforce. When someone is dressed a little better in the workplace, it commands respect. It also shows others self respect. For one thing, people are followers by nature. They follow everyone on what they think about themselves. How they dress shows others what they think about themselves. Therefore, if one is dressed in a way that is well put together, it shows that she sees herself as someone worth the time and effort.

Adam Goldenberg makes it easier for people to find the outfits that not only look good, but also fit them well. As a result, people are able to feel a lot better about their wardrobe. They don’t have to look into their wardrobe with dread and uninspired feelings. They could decide on which outfit that they like better.

Steve Murray Leaves a Lasting Legacy in Equity Markets

Steve Murray was the former President and CEO of CCMP Capital until just before his death in March 2015. CCMP Capital is a private equity firm that focuses on potential buyout situations in the market as well as investing for growth. The company focuses on the consumer, energy, industrial and healthcare sectors of the market.

Murray grew up in a suburb of Westchester County New York. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics, and earned his master’s degree in business administration from Columbia business school in 1989,before starting his career as a knowledgeable investor and deal-maker in the complex equity markets. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

He had been with CCMP Capital since 1989. In 1989 the firm was known as MH Equity Corporation. He joined their credit analyst training program. The firm was later purchased by Chemical Bank (read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52). Chemical later merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996. Murray became the head of buyout business at JP Morgan after they merged with Chase, in 2005.

The unit outbid Blackstone Group, KKR Co. and TBC Capital and purchased drug maker Warner Chilcott. Henry Kravis, of KKR was so upset by the buyout, he threatened to stop doing business with J.P. Morgan. J.P. Morgan shortly afterwards to vested itself of the unit. Murray helped co-found CCMP Capital which was a spin out of the division. In 2007 he was named CEO and president of CCMP. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

In addition to his work as an equity and take out over expert, he served on the boards of Aramark, General Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, Warner Chilcott, The Vitamin Shoppe, Cabela’s, Pinnacle Foods, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Crestcom International and Legacy Hospital Partners. Read more: This Old Thing? Private Equity Honcho Drops Little Place Uptown for $11M

Stephen Murray was involved in many charitable organizations as well. He was involved with the Make-A-Wish foundation in New York. He supported Boston College, the Stamford Museum and Columbia business School. He also supported the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County in New York. Steve Murray was married to wife Tami. They have four sons.

Fabletics Taking the Athleisure Trend to the Next Level

Want a style that can be worn for athletic purposes without being too dressed down to wear in public? Athleisure style is perfect for working out and leisure activities. The trending style is making its rounds in the fashion world. The term combines athletics and leisure and is a perfect description for the new style.

According to InStyle, many fashion companies are getting in on the athleisure style, which is described as more than just another trend by many. Combining the comfortable fabrics and style associated with workout wear with trendy patterns and styles, Athleisure is big with those who live an extremely active lifestyle as well as those who only dabble in athletics. The style is now even making it to fashion runways proving that the term is more than just a passing trend.

One such company that exclusively offers athleisure wear is Fabletics – According to Youtube. With styles designed by Kate Hudson, Fabletics has become extremely popular. The subscription site offers athleisure clothing at great prices. First time visitors to the site can choose an outfit for only $25 when signing up for the subscription service. The subscription ensures members get a new outfit every month for $49.99.

When signing up, members take a quiz to determine their style preferences, then each month an outfit is hand picked for them. Not interested in the picked outfit? No problem; it is easy to cancel a month or pick a different outfit. With styles that are originally priced for hundreds of dollars, members get a deep discount when signing up for the subscription service.

Fabletics was created by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg CEOs of JustFab Inc. who brought Kate Hudson on as a partner because of her fashion style. Their goal was to provide luxury athletic clothing at an affordable price. Fabletics was launched in 2013 and has shipped millions of outfits to members over the years. The company has also started opening physical store locations across the United States.

A George Soros Quote From the Past is Still Relevant Today

In the political arena, billionaire George Soros is a controversial figure whose “one world” ideology is often debated throughout the world. In the financial arena, he has a track record for prognostication that warrants respect when he steps up to the table and offers advice. Remember, this is the man who correctly predicted a huge downturn in the British pound in 1992 and made billions by backing his own prediction. He similarly did the same thing in Asian markets a few years later.

In the past, Soros has offered advice for equities investors in the US. Beware of the “unpredictable nature of the stock market.” While made at another point in time, it seems to be all the more relevant here in 2016 as the US stock market has just encountered its worst start to a year in market history.

Most people forget it was Soros who guided the wildly successful Quantum Fund to annual returns that averaged over 30% during his time at the helm. That makes him a market expert in eyes of many experts. All things considered, the legendary Warren Buffett might be his only peer in the world of investing and speculation.

The immediate concern is the possibility of a market crash much like the one that occurred in 2008 in the wake of the US economy tail-spinning into one of the worse recessions in history. Remember, it was back then that the financial markets left investors devastated after losing 30% of its valuation. Comparatively, the US Dow Jones Industrial average has already fallen 10.73% since reaching its high of 17,910 in November 2015.

With the market currently standing on shaky ground, its time to take a look under the covers. In 2008, the markets were put under enormous pressure due to a mortgage and credit crisis, a failing bank industry and rising unemployment. While those problems seem in the past, there is a new list of issues that are creating chaos today.

Leading the way is a meltdown of the economy in China. With the rest of the world seemingly recovered from the 2009 recession, China’s economy is the one that’s now headed in the wrong direction. Other issues affecting the investment environment include rising inflation and interest rates, political uncertainty, escalating problems with ISIS and slower than expected corporate earnings, indicating the US economic recovery might not be as robust as once thought.

Here’s to hoping investors are heeding Soros’ words of wisdom from the past. With so much uncertainty around the world, listening to the advice of one of the world’s most successful investors might be the key to surviving what has the makings of a bear market.

Inside The Brilliant Mind Of CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is a very accomplished and intelligent man. Kheradpir is a business and technology executive, who currently sits as the CEO of a company called Coriant. Kheradpir went to Cornell University where he received his bachelors, masters and ph.D. He received his degrees in electrical engineering with a center on control systems.
Shaygan Kheradpir has worked with various teams and various projects. He has assigned mission-driven teams that strive to improve the community, customers, and employees. His innovative ideas and leadership has set a foundation of traditional disciplines throughout many industry segments worldwide.

Shaygan Kheradpir on started his career in Boston working at GTE Labs. He worked on network routing, management and control. Around two years later, Kheradpir became the head of software systems lab. He recruited and assigned a top scale organization that led to the inception of the country’s first national network management platform. This platform was directed towards GTE that integrated infrastructure, transmission and switching.

Later on in 2011 Shaygan joined Barclays bank. He was the CEO for the global retail bank, and later on became the chief operating officer and technology officer of the whole bank covering retail, business cards, wealth, corporate and investment banking. Kheradpir has been the difference maker at Barclays because of how he has transformed the bank.

In 2000 when GTE and Bell Atlantic merged together Shaygan moved to New York City. Here he was appointed as the head of the eBusiness Unit. He later became the chief information officer for Verizon. Along this period Shaygan implemented the same methods he had previously used for achieving sky rocketing results for the company. He assembled first class talent that comprehended the potential of team work and acceleration of implementing market leading products and services.

Kheradpir has worked his way up the ladder throughout his career, recently making him the CEO and Chairman of Board of Coriant. Before becoming the CEO of Coriant, Kheradpir was the CEO of Juniper Networks which was a networking industry located in Silicon Valley. Shaygan has had a strong relationship with Coriant in the earlier years where has worked closely with the senior management. His lively involvement in the business has greatly benefitted Coriant. His strategic blueprint to growing the company has helped his team focus on solutions that help customers in today’s highly dynamic market.

Shaygan Kheradpir is one of the most accomplished executives on the planet. He has collaborated with multiple teams and businesses over the years. The immediate impact he has on the companies he has been with is a testament to his intelligence and drive. His innovative leadership has driven businesses to new heights. He has inspired other business executives across the world, opening their eyes to the potential that’s out there.