The Achievements of JeanMarie Guenot





When it comes to the health sector, one person with vast experience in the field of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is one JeanMarie Guenot. Currently, she is both the CEO and the president of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. This company is responsible for developing antibody therapies mostly for blood cancer patients. In this article, we will be looking to inform you of both her successes and her companies.



What are her achievements?



According to her Guenot LLC bio page, before she rose to her current position as the CEO, Guenot had her education at the University of California where she got her Ph.D. prior to reaching her current position; she first founded SKS Ocular, which served as a company that dealt with ocular inflammation and other complications that come with ocular. Below are some of her achievements.


vast experience

  • vast experience


There are a few better than her in the pharmaceutical industry right now in terms of experience. She has worked for many health-related companies since she graduated. For instance, she has served as a business adviser for a Shanghai-based company known as Hoffman-La Roche. Other companies that she has worked for include PDL BioPharma, Corporate and Business Development amongst others.


Numerous awards

  • Numerous awards


Due to her fantastic work, she has managed to scoop some awards like Innovative Bio-Partnering award and she got a Distinction award in 2006.


About Amphivena Therapeutics



The company’s main aim is making life flow. The company believes that it can eradicate blood cancer through the therapeutic harnessing of the patients’ immune system. Not only does it serve blood cancer patients only but also all the other chronic diseases that can be cured through therapy.



The company that has its bases in San Francisco began operating in 2013 as a small clinic but now it has grown to achieve its mission. The company consists of experts who are knowledgeable and committed to ensuring that blood cancer can be countered.






JeanMarie Guenot is a successful lady when it comes to pharmaceutical matters. Her achievements speak for her. The company where she serves as both the CEO and the president is also successful underlining her prowess both as a leader and as a doctor. She forms a good role model.

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